What the Hell Now…

I’ll admit that I turned the air blue for a little while last night when, on turning on the radio, I heard of a train collision in Pretoria.

What caused me to swear in the general direction of the JVC was the fact that the night before I’d clearly dreamt of being on a train (unusual for me – it’s cars or bikes in almost all my dreams, or occasionally buses, when I’m feeling more pissed-off than normal with myself) headed for Pretoria.

At least, I was headed for Pretoria, but a woman passenger told me to move to the front of the train to get to that town. Which my dream-self did, by getting off the train and re embarking near the front. At that point, there were two trains, both facing the same way. I predict that we’ll learn that both trains involved in this collision were facing the same way, by-the-by.

What’s so annoying about dreams like this is that there seems to be no bloody point to them.

They don’t seem to involve anyone I know, don’t seem to be situated closer to me than normal, and the details are not precise enough for anyone to do anything about them ahead of time. Or for me to win the crooked million-dollar Randi Foundation prize, either.

As Hecate commented, the last time I blogged about this, it’s probably a case of being wide open to most anything which floats through the Self – but the question then is, why do I net these specific examples (and train plus Pretoria is a fairly specific example, just as Lamborghini and fire were last year) and not others?

Impatient minds want to know.

Are the geomagnetic conditions a factor? Or the presence, perhaps, of some soul broadcasting on all wavelengths in each incident? Passing strings of time twisting through my local consciousness?

Give me a theory. The physicist in me wants to take the mechanism apart to see how it works.
Pic: Hey, it’s the Gautrain, which I’d seriously like to see lying in a crumpled heap.
Update: Here’s the some of a theory which sounds like a start, anyay. Sheldrake is a real scientist, by the way, whatever that might mean.
Update Squared: I meant the dialogue between Rupert Sheldrake and Matthew Fox. It’s fascinating listening.

6 responses to “What the Hell Now…

  1. Dunno about the deams but I was impatient because, having heard about it and wanting to learn more, all the TV news showed was people putting out chairs for the presidential inauguration, and they refused to move off that for any other news whatever.


  2. Ya I know, Steve – same story here!I was scouring the internet for a link to the story, and didn’t find one until the next morning.Like I really wnated to know that the VIP chairs were pink for crying out loud.Love,Terri in Joburg


  3. The obvious is that both were transport related accidents.That alone bears some thought, although curiously not motorbikes, where your interest lies.You know how blind i am with dreams, due to their … obscurity, and randomness. You seem much more in control, and i would *think* that you are in fact asking for those, even though not consciously?peace & love


  4. OK Axe-man, you mught be right.Or then again you might not be..I dunno.When I dream of bikes, I’m riding one. When it’s cars, I’m a passenger or an onlooker, which just reflects the this-world reality that I can’t drive a car.Trains and buses seem to fall into a third category, more connected to the masses of humanity I guess than my splendid lonesome divinity.:)Ah shit I’m on lunch and I don’t really want to think.Love,Terri in Joburg


  5. Terri,Maybe you (or a loved one) were a victim in the train accident in an alternative reality? (I mean that pretty seriously.) I’m about 2/3 convinced that is what causes deja vu. Why not some dreams too?Kay


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