An Aura of Ancient Evil

Despite the fact that I don’t believe that democracy ever did the All much good, and despite the fact that there is not a politician whom I actually like in this country, and despite the fact that I support anarchists all over the world – I still went out and voted on Wednesday.

On the third day afterwards, the purple stain remains on my thumb to remind me that I did in fact do the least of what I was capable of – I voted against the ANC.

Helen Zille I dislike, but I cast my vote for her. It’s not really about personalities, anyway.

Or is it?

I’m admitting here to a huge personal distaste for the leader of the ANC, Jacob Zuma. The man gives me the flat-out creeps. From his multiple wives (and his apparent inability to stop screwing around despite that) to his mad scramble to avoid being charged in court, he is an exemplar of the worst in the Bantu civilisation. And civilisation it is, in a very patriarchal, chief-worshipping,indigenous-people-killing, earth-ignoring manner.

Zuma himself seems bent on accruing personal power and wealth at all costs. His body language disgusts me, and his rhetoric makes me want to cover my ears.
But in his self-seeking, self-aggrandising manner, he is a perfect representative of the majority of his constituents.

We have indeed got the president we deserve.

Edit: I’ve just read Thorn’s post today. Thanks – I so needed this reminder:

“..What in me does not wish to look upon my anger, or my fear, or my grief, or my sense of betrayal? What in me seeks these out?..”

But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being, and who among us is willing to destroy a piece of their own heart?– Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn

Edit Squared: ..and no, Zuma is not an indigenous president. This is what an indigenous president looks like.


5 responses to “An Aura of Ancient Evil

  1. Me too with the big blue thumb. I feel ambivalent about those who do admire Zuma and conscious of my own attitudes and expectations after years in Zimbabwe — but earth-ignoring, yes. xxMarya


  2. Why do you remain? Isn’t it only a matter of time before they start blaming everything on YOU, as has happened in Zimbabwe? I admit, we actually elected a George Bush, but he seems to be a genious compared to what passes for leadership over there. I really worry for you now.


  3. I agree with most of what you say about Zuma (which is why I didn’t vote for him either), but a small consolation for me is that Zuma is not the ANC, and the ANC is not Zuma. I believe they rehabilitated him because they believed (not without reason) that he was badly treated. But if they could get rid of his predecessor, they can get rid of him too. Having said that, I don’t expect much from his administration, but hope can exceed expectation sometimes.


  4. I have similar issues when voting myself. I actually believe in Obama so this time was easy for me.But I wanted to comment that I don’t consider rape “screwing around.” Zuma isn’t cheating, he’s RAPING. Grrrr. Add to that my anger regarding the Taliban and I’m all grumpy and stuff this morning so prolly best to ignore me. 😉


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