Goddess Bless


People from far and wide, sensing that no one could stop them, started dumping nuclear and bio-hazardous waste on your shoreline, causing your family and friends to sicken and die, and you had no cure for what ailed them – would you stand upon the shore and shake your fist at the sky?

And If:

These same predatory people started trawling the oceans off your shores where the poison hadn’t yet reached, carrying off the better part of the fish and sea life with them to far countries, and you and your family and friends barely had enough to keep body and soul together – would you mutter darkly into the ground?


Would you – being a young person and full of anger as your loved ones died of starvation and of strange wasting diseases – hatch a plan to defend your land against these callous strangers? These strangers who barely considered you a human being, who knew the defenseless state of your countrymen and yet, instead of compassion, dealt death; in place of food aid dispensed sickness?

What would it take – if you were the mother of sons and daughters – to encourage them to take to the waters in little boats, carrying all the weaponry they could lay their hands upon, and to avenge the murder of their kin?

I have no two thoughts on this. The Somalian pirates are taking on the world. If I were in their shoes, I would do just whatever it took to defy the cultures of destructive evil and – yes – to kill as many of them as I had it in me to take out.

God-forms and spirits all bless you.


6 responses to “Goddess Bless

  1. Not to mention what happened off the Ivory Coast with the dumping of hazardous waste in 2006, thousands displaced from their homes.Or the overfishing in Somali coastal waters that depletes essential resources for those living along the coast.Or what happened the last time the US invaded Somlai and tried to control Mogadishu.Enough.xxMary LA


  2. I think it’s hypocrital and terrible what other countries are doing in those waters, but c’mon, if this had anything to do with THAT injustice, then why aren’t these “warriors” attacking fishing factory ships and waste dumpers?It’s all about the money, honey. These are NOT robin hoods, but wanna be gansta opportunists. How about the recognized representative of the Somali “government” showing up at the UN and raising hell about this? I think a better idea would be to write President Obama and ask him to do the right thing by bringing these sordid facts to the forefront. Who knows……maybe he would.


  3. Oh Michael, that’s what I like about them — gangsta-opportunists, not altruistic First World liberals. And I’m afraid the personality cult around Obama baffles me. I don’t think he can take on the military/industrial complex of the US on his own. Really.


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