Birds and Bullies

This morning, while leaving to do the monthly grocery shop, I was completely startled to see a large, dark shape swoop over me. Coming from the North-NorthWest, it sailed over the front garden, around the house, banked in a clockwise circle. It was a Black Eagle – close enough for me to see the yellow of its eyes. Beautiful. I imagine Anne feels something like this when in the presence of her Sacred Thunderbirds.

I’m named after Eagle, of course – but this is the very first time I’ve been visited by one. The Black Eagles -rare and endangered, especially since we started encasing their homes in steel and concrete – has never before been seen this far away from the National Botanical Gardens. At least, not by me. A very blessed visitation indeed.

Yesterday I spent dodging thunderstorms at Clayville. The South African Pitbull Federation was holding a show, and I get some pictures to share. Pit bulls are legendarily attached to Their Humans, and at the show you could feel it – running through the ground into my heart, a boundless, energetic Love of canine for human which quite took my breath away at times.

Here are a couple of the pooches in the ring:

..and this beautiful old man:

..and of course the high jump:


One response to “Birds and Bullies

  1. Black eagles! They’re gorgeous! I see a bald eagle sometimes in the Spring on a dead tree next to the Potomac River when I cross over it on the way to work. Sunning its beautiful self, facing East, watching for snakes and fish. I always have a good day when that happens.


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