Grace, Awe and Joy

Many thanks to Coyote Prime for gloriously wrecking my morning. On this day, when I’m wearing the same T-Shirt as everyone else at the company where I work, feeling like I have a huge ‘B’ on my back (for Borg), I trekked over to his site and read this (original link) which, despite my lack of truck with Angels (well, I have no experience at all with them), had me wiping annoying tears of joy from my eyes in the middle of my high-tech, over-business-stimulated workplace.

Then I move down the page (Coyote Prime’s) and learned that DNA is apparently telepathic, or at least seems to manage some of that spooky action at a distance which annoyed Einstein so.

Amazed and in awe, I then read Dan W’s exposition of why this really is a class war, and Coyote’s own comments following:
“…When we reach that “critical mass” point of suffering, and the last shreds of “normalcy” fall away from the long suffering millions, the gloves will come off, replaced by raw human instinct, rage and emotion. At that point, the “wealthy elite” had better hope they’ve used all those “frequent flyer miles” they had, and be far, far away from America…”

And far, far away from Africa, for that matter.
Oh shit, just make that “get the fuck off the planet, wankers”.

This is a beautiful time to be Alive.


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