We Know What You’re Up To

I don’t know about you, but I find this very, very disturbing.

Our glorious scientists have discovered how to make a bad memory go away. Well, almost.

“We can’t prove that the memory has gone away, but it is at least weakened so much that we can’t find it anymore,”

I’m sorry – I want my fearful memories, each and every one of them. They’re an essential part of who I bloody well am. Along with the trauma. And the phobias.

Oh, and you’re also not going to anticipate where I want to go today from my hand grip. I’ll cut the hand off first.

Fucking scientists. Fucking marketers.

4 responses to “We Know What You’re Up To

  1. That drug could only have come about as a negative side effect. Hey it’s making people forget, that’s not good … unless of course they WANT to forget? Brilliant, a whole new product lione based on defective technology … brilliant huh.As to subliminal, of course it works, and they’ve know THAT since the 30’s and 40’s … damn shame its not used more effectively, to heal perhaps.peace


  2. Terri, I think I’m not actually scared by this one, and here’s why. I have a complicated trauma history and am working with an energy psychotherapist using EMDR and AIT (formerly Seemorg Matrix) techniques to treat PTSD and DID.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_Movement_Desensitization_and_Reprocessinghttp://www.seemorgmatrix.org/I think that what they’re using this drug for is a clunky, probably less-effective version of what EMDR, AIT, and other energy therapies do. They do NOT take away memories and they do not disrupt the ability to connect past with present in order to know when vigilance is warranted. What they do is allow you to experience a trigger – something that reminds you of something traumatic that happened before – without you brain *automatically* being taken over by the limbic system (which inhibits rational thinking). Before therapy, the trigger makes you upset whether the situation merits it or not. After therapy, you’re able to assess the current situation – and still get upset about it if warranted – but without freaking out just because the wallpaper is the same color as it was in that room that other time.Now, if this drug just inhibits reactions from the limbic system, period, warranted or not, and they think *that* is a good thing – that would worry me. But that’s not what it looks like from the article.


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