I would have bawled my eyes out, too

Another fifteen minutes later, he seemed to realise that his old pal would not be able to get up again. He then placed his trunk over the spine of the carcass and stood dead still for about a minute before disappearing into the trees.

(Emphasis mine).

Just dumb animals, huh? I don’t know why we continue to believe that – maybe it gets in the way of our being able to develop the earth the way we would like to. In other words, to sterilise it.

Yes, as the eloquent Green Revolutionary has said:

“Those who worship death and despise life do not truly understand death. They don’t truly worship death. What they worship is sterilization.”

I couldn’t have said it better.

On that note – sort of – I’ve been growing more and more comfortable with the fact of my own death for the last year or so.

It’s not even as if I have been afraid of death for the last 10 years or so, anyway.

it’s just that I seem to be giving it some real thought, and, searching my soul deeply for any signs of fear, trembling or regret when I confront myself with the immanence of my translation – I find none.

There is no more family who would be worse off should I leave this incarnation – no one now depends on me, which is great. For them and for me.

No, I haven’t quite become Fearless, but I’m surely getting there!

Pic: My fearless Power Animal


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