Derrick Jensen’s Star Wars

Love it.

“I have in my hands an extremely rare early draft of the Star Wars film script, never before published. It may surprise you to learn that the early drafts were written by environmentalists.

In this version, the rebels do not of course blow up the Death Star, but instead prefer to use other tactics to slow the intergalactic march of Empire. For example, they set up programs for people on planets about to be destroyed to produce luxury items like hemp hacky sacks and gourmet coffee for sale to inhabitants of the Death Star.

Audience members will also discover that there are plans afoot to encourage loads of troopers and other citizens of the Empire to take ecotours of doomed planets. The purpose will be to show to one and all that these planets are economically important to the Empire and so should not be destroyed.

In a surprise move that will rivet viewers to the edges of their seats, other groups of rebels file lawsuits against the Empire, attempting to show that the Environmental Impact Statement Darth Vader was required to file failed to adequately support its decision that blowing up this planet would cause “no significant impact.” “


3 responses to “Derrick Jensen’s Star Wars

  1. Smash the broken bulb …Hmmmm … you can only change it with a nearly identical one. and honestly, in this conversation, the lightbulb is the problem.Very curious about both the origional starwars ideas, and the fact that they were hijacked … for your enjoyment.I think it’s a tad bitter too, that all they got for all of that was a page 43 mention, but that’s just like real life …peace


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