No, We’re Not

Every nanometer of the universe is inside of me – I enclose it all, as an outer skin of All That Is.

Likewise, the Universe encloses me – the liminal space which is my skin is not serious barrier.

There is really no inside and outside- it all depends upon where you are standing.

And so a human is not the peak of some fabulously constructed pyramid, with Mankind at the top and all else at varying levels beneath us – yet we’ve been behaving like this pyramid was real ever since Yahweh awoke from his slumber in the desert and called mankind to himself.

There is not top, not bottom, no higher forms or lower. Only forms.

True, I will move to protect those I love in this life, placing my own body – or that of another human – between my beloveds and a bullet. And my beloveds are not all of the human kind.

No, humans are not more important than other life.

More destructive, more fucked up, more likely to kill without a reason.

But not more important.

The only way we can make ourselves believe that we hold some kind of intrinsic greater-worthiness than all other life is to imprint the environment with our marks.

Saying ’Mankind was here’ has been a part of our civilisation for many thousand years now. And it’s a murderous, destructive practice.

You know , if it was just our human selves we were wiping off the face of the Earth, I would be sad – but I could live with it. But no, we’re so damned full of ourselves and our central importance in this cosmos that we won’t settle for anything less than taking the whole damned creation down with us.

Selling Endangered Species jigsaw puzzles isn’t going to do it , either- not when we can look at pretty pictures from our disconnected state and say what a shame it all is.


2 responses to “No, We’re Not

  1. Arrogance … usually closely linked to stupidity, and ignorance.Those are the hallmarks of humans … all linking back to that ego thing, the idea that we are seperate from the rest.How does one undo this training? Our entire language is built around subject object differentiation …Sometimes i wish i could shrug off the ego, experience for a short while that one-ness, the only means i’ve found so far is the one drugs that is completely banned, lsd, because it breaks down the ego, which the exprts tells is unhealthy.Ah well, nice post … peace 😉


  2. There’s a good reason lsd is illegal, along with most research into it.That reason sems to be that if we ever rediscovered our connections, we’d be uncontrollable.But I’ve found there are ways around that. I don’t do drugs – hel, I can’t do drugs or alcohol – so I’ve developed a variety of techniques – including lucid dreamnig, present meditation, journeying and playing Freecell – to circumvent the drugless state of my brain. Pretty soon I’m making my own entheogens in the grey matter.Love,terri


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