Remind Me

Tell me again why we keep coming back here?

It seems as if We all conspired to ask each other today that question. Not in a snarky, sarcastic way, either, but as an honest-to-goodness reminder of just why we deal in Matter at all.

Everyone I bumped into on my smoke breaks had their own take on it, ranging from unfinished business to some kind of outside coercion, but one thing We did all agree on – it’s the greatest amount of fun.

The play of lila can look ugly as well as beautiful, on the surface, and that’s when We have to remind ourselves that it’s all Goddess pouring Goddess into Goddess, as Hecate is wont to say.

There are times, too, when I know why we keep coming back, but the words I have not, I’m afraid.

Sometimes it’s good to remember that the deeper You dig into matter, the closer You entwine with Spirit, and the more often You notice the connection, too.

Try thinking of the Cosmos like a thick primordial ooze, in which You are embedded. Reach out Your arms and make little grasping motions with Your fingers. Do the same with Your toes. Feel Divine Matter squish and squelch around and within Your Divine Self.
Alert those hairy tentacles on Your skin to this reality.

As with Our Divinity, We have long periods of forgetfulness. But it’s all there, as real as a smack in the head with a brick.

Thou Art God, within God, playing with God.

Pic: From Buddhist Answers

2 responses to “Remind Me

  1. “Thou Art God, within God, playing with God.”If i am god, then who the HELL keeps pulling my chain? I believe more and more we are chaos … Some people seem more adept at keeping themselves “above” others … it’s (IMHO) an ego thing, the bigger your ego, the greater your wake as you travel, and the more damage you do to those around you. Lesser egos get bumped around all the time, and have to work harder to just maintain balance. Not only people cause these waves, karma and randomness play too.Shamans MERGE with the chaos, become it, and aren’t as disturbed by the ego thing, as their ego is part of the chaos … Arb thoughts .. :/peace


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