All We’ve Got

All We’ve Got

They got the property and tax exemptions
They got the jobs hangin over our heads
They think they hold the only key to redemption
They think it has to do with what we do in bed
They say that life is just rehearsal for the real thing
They think that life is just a pain to rise above
They got the firepower locked on the gold ring
And all we’ve got is love…

They got the towers streaming microwave nightmares,
They got the bad hair satellite dish,
They got the footage and the means to enhance it –
enough to make us think we’re on the edge of the abyss
They got the Village of the Damned in the floodlights,
they got the copyright on all of the above,
they think they’re looking at the deer in the headlights
and all we’ve got is love..

We’re gonna wake ‘em up, wake ‘em up wait and see
We’ll be inside the riflescopes dancing in the crosshairs with glee
You know we’ll put our dieases in ‘em, might even reason with ‘em,
We’ll plant our seed until they’ve got it, got it, got it,
Got it it down inside them!

We’re gonna meet ‘em on the street with kindness
We’re gonna live our lives with pleasure and with pride
We’re gonna celebrate the joy that binds us
Til life won’t seem worth living while they’re on the other side
We’re gonna take ‘em down with no shots fired
Join ‘em at the table with our fist in a glove
And when they ask us what in all the world has just transpired
We’ll say “All we’ve got is love……


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