Here Now

Stand you upon the Earth, soles resting upon Her breast, as the incense rises steady as a pillar of smoke. Feel the rise of Her energy through your feet, up your legs, lighting each chakra as it rises the shushumna.

Imprint the air with the five pointed star, drawing Earth and Water, Air and Fire, into the Circle of Spirit.

Sink down upon your spines basal bones. Close your eyes. Be Here Now. Not a microsecond into the future, no steps at all into the past. Cast your closed eyes downward – here, now. Nothing stirs within. The timepiece of your body slows..and..stops. There is no tick, no time, no where but Here. Now.

Cast your eyes upward, now, looking outward through the visionary chakra. Still only Now. Only Here.

Open the eyes of your body. Stare into the black mirror where, behind your head, smoke roils in the air where no smoke should be. Watch as it forms the shapes of internal galaxies. As light outlines the thousand-petalled lotus glowing from the connection point between inside and outside.

Hear the descent of World Soul as it rushes down the ida and pingala, circulating the incarnate body.

Feel the heartbeat start up once more, low and steady. Beating you once more into Time. Emerge once more into the stream of incarnation as each synapse crackles out across the chasm between Here and There once more – between Now and Then.

Welcome you back into this plane.


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