Wild Applause…

…for Jeff Lilly, of the Druid Journal in this post who’s managed to articulate the reasons why I’m a Pagan, too:

I’m not concerned that paganism might be irrational. I’m pagan because it’s irrational. And I say that as one who has painstakingly gone all the way to the end of the rational path and seen what’s there.
(There’s a little grinning Zen monk with a stick.)

Go read the whole thing.

Pic: from Jaspenelle’s Live Journal


2 responses to “Wild Applause…

  1. Hey, thanks, Aquila! I almost didn’t post it — it’s much more of a rant than I usually go in for. Rants almost never change anyone’s minds… But I’m glad you got something out of it!


  2. Thanks, I was wondering what in the hell had happened to Deo since he stopped his podcast so abruptly….we ARE talking about Deo of “Deos Shadow”, right?If this is true, one of my greatest inspirations has fallen off a very tall pedestal. I loved his even-handed explorations of paganism and great sense of humor..how sad it is to see him lose what to me made him so human……at least the kind of human I could find tolerable.


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