The Long Trip and Random News

Over at The Daily Grail, Paul Devereux has an insightful article up on cannabis and the need for a new Eleusis.

The Eleusinian mysteries might just be something we have need of, in these times of decay and growing disillusion. The connection between my matron, Hecate, and Persephone gives me a more than passing interest in the sacred rites performed more than 3,500 years ago.

That these seem to have been initiatory rites based around the agricultural cycles is not as important as all that, either – for at base, agriculture was the foundation of human life for these ancients, and who’s to say that they weren’t adapted from earlier life-death-rebirth celebrations? I consider this fairly likely, given our species’ propensity for appropriating the sacred symbolism of earlier cycles and making them our own.

As Devereux writes: “A visionary, mind-altering initiation was therefore at the very roots of Western civilisation – an initiatory experience it has long-since abandoned. Hofmann felt that something like it needs to be re-established if Western culture is to save itself.”

While I don’t feel that Western Civilisation needs to be saved – I think it’s too far gone for salvation in any form – we could perhaps save our own human consciousness by reopening to the wisdom the plant kingdom has to share with us.

Just in one solitary case – my own – I can see that there is a cornucopia of healing and health which plants freely impart to us, if we only open up our perception, standing breathing Here I Am , Speak.

Today I feel my lungs clearing through the aid of the Coltsfoot. My aching jaw easing through the offices of Allium Sativum.

The largest reason why I don’t seek the consciousness-enhancing aid of other plants has largely to do with the violent criminal world they have been relegated to, by our own busybody authorities.

Authorities -hah! The only thing they know how to keep a strong reign on is power-over.

In other news: I have to say farewell to my Nehallennia. Loxton’s Suzuki were honest enough to tell me that she’s going to cost so much to fix that it’s not worth it. Salutations to Phil Loxton and company for having the clarity to lose a good amount of money by telling me the truth. I’ll be looking for another bike in a couple of months, when I’ve finished with the civil case against RSS security.

I bought SJ Tucker’s album Blessings, as well as Gaia Consort’s Vitus Dance, shortly after purchasing my second Aesma Daeva album,Dawn of the New Athens.
Both Skinny White Chick and Chris Bingham’s motley band are giving me hours of gentle pleasure.

Pic: The ruins of Eleusis


2 responses to “The Long Trip and Random News

  1. Sorry about Nehallennia … That Devereaux has it right. This lost generation needs just that. Initiation, not “here’s a certificate good luck in finding a job” … that we currently give.But that’s also leadership, communal values … hell ANY values and other things we are missing.Initiations were the realm of shamans …Peace 😉


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