Toxic Mimicry

Standing on the smokers’ balcony this morning, I looked slightly downward and caught a reflection of something very odd in the huge plate glass window opposite.

It was the motion – a jerky, not quite lifelike movement, which caught my attention.
I wondered what the hel it was. The reflection was light, moving in a way that no light moves in in real life. For several moments I was flummoxed – I had no idea what I was looking at. Then it dawned: I was seeing the reflection in the glass of a television set playing downstairs in the offices of a marketing company.

It made sense then – television images are nothing at all like the life they purport to depict. The rate of movement, the jerky flick-flick-flick of images, vision without meaning, without soul, without Life.

Television of course is a toxic mimic of real incarnate life. It captures so many humans in its deadly soporific embrace each day, each night, filling their voids with a replacement for community which is hypnotic, addictive and completely lethal.

We have many such stand-ins for real life. The internet is one of them, when it’s used as a surrogate for a social life. Facebook is a highly toxic revisiting of teenage high school years, for example. What madness drives us to relive the social anxieties and insecurities of those years? I know I avoid it at all costs.

Other toxic mimics we’ve trucked in to replace real living include corporate communities – the tribes which come together with no other aim than to produce the maximum profit in monetary terms for all their non-involved shareholders, no matter the cost to the tribe in real interactive community, real sharing, caring, and spirit interactiveness.

Yes, we’ve gone mad.

Can we take a deep breath and remember what it’s like to be incarnate on this plane?
Can we feel again the deep connection of many to many which sustains this real life web?

Can we acknowledge the background field, ever new, ever nascent, which holds and sustains us in times of crisis and in times of joy, which will never let us fall, and which tells us, each time we encounter it, that we are not at all alone, but deeply embedded in a matrix of Love?


One response to “Toxic Mimicry

  1. Money is but one tool in the quest for power and dominance, which is the toxic characteristic of sentience as expressed by humans. Dominance is used by mother nature to further the survival of the fitest, while we have twisted that around to serve the selfish desires (not needs) of singular humans with no equal benefit to those associated with them. Humans hoard possessions far in excess of need, thus causing misery for those lacking basics. Until we isolate these personalities and start evolving again, we will forever be locked in a suicidal stagnation which is even now killing us all and severly impacting the entire planetary ecosystem. If we can’t bring people like Mogabe or Bush to justice, how will we protect ourselves from ANY threat?


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