Rest in Peace, Beloved Friends

When the Moon sets tonight, She will take with Her three brave, loving souls: Charybdys, Chippy and Bart.
Murdered in cold blood by an RSS security officer – may the curse of Kali fall squarely upon him, from this moment on.
Fare well, my beloved companions.
Cerridwen take you, Arianrhod keep you, and give you rebirth in your time.


17 responses to “Rest in Peace, Beloved Friends

  1. What is RSS?As one who has suffered the departures of many non-human friends, I share your pain. I wish them a fine arrival in Summerland, where they can play with our goats if they so desire.


  2. I’ll put this here, guys, as I don’t want to pollute the memorium by updating it. Silly, I know.RSS is (was) our armed reaction security company. We’ve been with them a couple of years now. They have strict instructions never to enter the property if the dogs are OK, as our companions take their defence of their home very seriously.We’ve been here 5 yeras, with the dogs, and have had not one incident concerning them. Although the nieghbourhood children were wont to tease the animals from outside the gate, which I thought they had stopped when I told them off for it.Yesterday at 10:30 while arren and I were at work, our alarm was activated and RSS responded. The security officer, named Nthlanthla, said he checked everything was in order, then wrote a note to leave on the gate. This is the point from which I have trouble believing him.He says the gate was open (and the dogs were still in the garden? Please)and that when he turned to go back to his car the dogs rushed out and attacked him.The neighbours tell us that he was standing at the gate, teasing at laughing at our boys. RSS claim that there was no lock on the gate-they claim there was no lock anywhere. But there it was, sitting on the gate when we got home.The guard says he shot dead all three dogs in self protection. One of our neighbours saw his wounds, and they were a puncture to the ankle and a slight cut to the hand. (This neighbour took off at the guard, calling him all sorts of names which I’m not repeating here.)Photos were taken of the dogs lying dead on the road-Charybdys and Chippy anyway. Bart was apparently shot on the premises. Scylla managed to run and hide, and she lives.The dogs’ bodies we’ve taken to Onderstepoort for a proper autopsy, as the PI we’ve retained knows PitBUlls, and it’s his opinion that theese dogs were poisoned before being shot-a theory given much weight by the fact that our front door was ajar and two panes of glass smashed. They hadn’t managed to open the security gate though.The bullet wounds on the dogs seem to indicate that at least Charybdys was lying down when he was shot, Chippy was shot through one eye and Bart through the heart.We\ve opened a docket with the police, got a PI and are awaiting the autopsy results.I can tell you one thing- this security company is going to hit rock bottom so fast and so hard that it’ll never rise again.Call me vindictive- it’s the least I can do for my 3 brave companions.Love,Terri in Joburg


  3. Oh gods, how horrible, how utterly horrible. I’m so sorry Terri, and so sorry your babies were treated this way. The guys story does sound fishy to me, hopefully the investigation will turn up something definitive. You and your babies are in my thoughts and prayers. Hold Scylla close to you and know that you will see the others again on the other side. *hugs*


  4. My wife used to work for a security company, and I told her about this. He said the officers are supposed to be registered with an industry body, which does all sorts of checks on them for criminal records and so on. There’s a web site where you can see pictures of the officers with their ratings. But some of the smaller firms cut corners, and employ people without checking properly, and sometimes their employees are in cahoots with the criminals. I’m not saying that this is what happened in this case, but the tests you are having done on the dogs should give some clues. I know how you feel, since our dogs were poisoned by people who stole our car a couple of years ago, and the younger one died.


  5. 😦 Huge hugs your way … that’s the worst way to lose any pet(s).From one aspect, tighten up your security NOW … and yes, go get them.wishing you a wonderful evening and peace


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