Pope Loses Mind

…oh no, hang on, he’d have to have a functioning one in the first place, wouldn’t he?
The BBC reports that Ratzi the ex Nazi has said

..that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.

Now, quite apart from the blinkered, fearful, frankly insulting view he takes of gay and transgendered people – although why we’d expect anything else from a past member of Hitler Youth is beyond me – he’s just not getting the issues.

The issues are about the planet, Ratzi – our landbase, of which we so far have only one, you know? – and not so much about humankind. Although I think that you and I are seeing two entirely different planets, going on your follow-up quote:

..that defending God’s creation was not limited to saving the environment, but also about protecting man from self-destruction.

Umm. No. How do I put this to such a knucklehead?

It’s mankind causing the destruction of everything, O Pope.

It’s been Mankind thinking himself lord of all creation that’s brought us to the place where now we’re about to lose an entire planet.
It’s been Mankind believing that he is more important than any other form of Life that has allowed us to murder that Life with relative impunity.
It’s been Mankind thinking that he is the one animal which the mythical One Creator made who is worthy of salvation that keeps the culture of death-dealing humming along nicely.

Mankind the planet can thrive without, but without the planet Mankind is toast.

Thus if we can fail to save Mankind from destroying himself, we’re doing all other forms of Life – and the planet Herself – an immense , immeasurable favour.

Male gender forms throughout this blogpost deliberately brought to you by Terri, the entirely rabid feminist.

Hat tip to both Spicy and Thorn

Horrible pic found at YellowDogJim‘s blog

13 responses to “Pope Loses Mind

  1. Excuse me, but why is a eunich wearing gold-guilded dresses hosting hiding places for pediphiles RELAVENT?If the Vatican hadn’t put itself right in the middle of Rome, it would have been declared war on and invaded long ago.Wait……like Italy could even get in the way?I have to think about this………


  2. Don’t underestimate the Italians, Michael! Cocky little fighterd, a lot of them.Although I didn’t see a lot of them protesting murderous governments just recently..not that I can talk, my countrypeople being scared of protesting anything other than higher pay, it seems.And no, I don’t consider Ratzi very relevant. I don’t think anyone does, very much, apart from those millions of Catholics.Hmm..Love,Terri in Joburg


  3. I’m honoured at the hat-tip, more so alongside Thorn, whose work I’ve always admired. But also, what you write above was quite brilliant and to the point exactly, I wanted to say. I also have to say, it gets a little galling that all we can do is vent our anger, intelligently as we’ve often seen online today, or less intelligently but nevertheless resulting from the same frustrations and hurts.I’ve all the time in the world for conscientious, caring Christians and how I feel for them when their very spiritual identity is hijacked, yet again, by the brutal and the bitter. We must guard against that bitterness ourselves, I myself have let it rip before now, online and off, only to think thereafter, what purpose does it serve? The anger is fine and good and drives change, but I tend now to dismiss the bitterness – I don’t want to be poisoned by the Pope, or anyone who would see me dead or wired up to machines trying to change me. I’m better than that, we are all of us better than that. I think, the only way we can fight this is how we’ve always found fighting to be at its most effective – when we are being ourselves, doing our best, having compassion for the poor and lonely and the ill, and giving love generously without thought of whether we’ll get anything in return. Sorry, I’ve gone on longer than intended. But, just in closing, I find today that reading a number of intelligent and clever responses online has taught me that, whenever I feel that frustration in the face of bigotry and lies, I must – absolutely must – always remember: I am not alone in feeling these feelings. And, in that acknowledgement, there is hope for more people, as time goes by, to feel the same way as we do. Blessed be and Happy Yule! x


  4. “Mankind the planet can thrive without, but without the planet Mankind is toast.”You’ve hit the nail right on the head there Terri. This is a fact that many, many, many folks, including conservatives and some environmentalists too, don’t seem to realize. I get sick of hearing from my fellow liberals that we need to “save the planet”. The planet will be fine. It may take a while to shake off our chemicals and trash, etc. But it will go on. It’s US that will go the way of the dinosaur.


  5. Litha, Andy, Litha.I’m standing upside down to you, remember? :)But yes – as often as I get bloody upset, so often do I remember the only thing that’ll save, not only our own sorry arses, but the arses of all of Earth’s biosphere, is Love.I have a slightly different spin to Love, sometimes. I really belive that it does not imply pacifism, always.Love,Terri in Joburg


  6. I’m always delighted when the Pope says what he really thinks. When he sounds like a rational humanist or pretends concern for rainforests, it bothers me.Here he is showing his true papl colours, full of inhumanity.And I’m with you on the need to resist. We’re both coming from the same place.LOveMaryHave you also got refugees with cholera in your neighbourhood? How I hate Mugabe


  7. Howzit Mary!No cholera that I’ve seen,but then I don’t often get out and about with the people who are most at risk – much to my shame.Perhaps the Pope needs to speak like this more often? He’s a powerful force for good when he gets everyone’s backs up.Love,Terri


  8. Yikes! Every time that I get to the point of believing that the Grand Inquisitor couldn’t possibly say anything dumber, he proves me wrong. *deep sigh* In the words of that great guru, Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon! What a ignoranimus!”


  9. Bill Hicks did a nice skit where the earth shakes off humans like a dog shakes off a bad case of fleas.You ever notice that silver cross he carries around? Gives me the shivers just looking at it.Peace 😉


  10. Hmmm. While I agree with you, I have to say in response to:”It’s mankind causing the destruction of everything, O Pope.”Doesn’t that equal self destruction and therefore agree with the man who is really a wig? 😉


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