A Moment of High Strangeness

One of the most bizarre developments in my incarnate journey happened just yesterday afternoon.
It doesn’t sound like much, but you have to be on the inside of me to know how odd it really was.
By now, I’m fairly used to dream visions, visions on Shamanic Journeying, and visions just before sleeping. But I was wide awake and waiting for my lift home from work this time.
Lurking around the entrance to my company’s pretentious office space, I was smoking a cigarette and wondering if the sky and the flight of the house martins presaged rain. (They did).
Across the wide street was parked a white Mercedes, quite an old model, with a taxi sign on its roof. A security guard lounged near the boot of the car. The driver got out – a thin, fairly short black man wearing grey trousers and shirt – and turned back to his vehicle, reaching behind the driver’s seat. This is where it gets weird.
I suddenly had the unshakable notion that the taxi driver was going to bring out a gun, disguised perhaps as something else. What I could see in his hands as he straightened up was a large disposable coffee cup -the sort BJs sells you a good litre of caffeine in. I was convinced, with the part of my brain which I recognised as the visionary bit, that behind or inside that empty carton he was holding a gun.
My vision was curiously doubled at this stage. On the one hand, I was seeing a perfectly ordinary taxi driver emptying some rubbish from the rear passenger seats of his car, and on the other, I was equally certain that I was seeing him do something else. There was no panic, certainly no fear, even though I somehow linked this weird tableau to Warren, who was picking me up in a few minutes. It was as though I could read the driver’s thoughts and intentions, all the while seeing him in a rational and not at all threatening light. It’s that which impressed me. If I were to have slipped my gears all of a sudden, I would expect something other than this calm rationality which dominated my emotions. Yet I was certain I was also having a vision, a true one.
An acquaintance from the building’s management called out a cheerful salutation to me at that moment, and the visionary bit of my brain switched off, like a light.
I don’t mean to alarm anyone. I’m documenting this from a sense of diarising, in a way.
If my brain is dissolving into some form of woo-ness, I seem to hold no fear – this from someone whose greatest terror is losing her cognitive functions.
I realise that many people may believe that I’ve already lost it, from the trend of my recent posts – and now this – but that doesn’t dismay me.
It’s a really interesting journey, and I’m enjoying the ride tremendously, in between digging my spiritual roots ever deeper into the sacred earth and leaping skyward in sheer joy.

May you experience the same level of joy and groundedness in your own practise of Life.
Pic: Cover of Aesma Daeva’s The Thalassa Mixes, which I’ve just bought from Cd Baby, and am listening to now

One response to “A Moment of High Strangeness

  1. Reality i think is more like the ocean that the land. And sometimes it twists and you see through. It’s happened to me to, moments where you see through the veil … i don’t mind it as such, but it can be difficult when you’re driving at the time. It usually just leaves me confused, like missing the punchline of a joke …Glad as anything it WASN’T a gun :)peace


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