Gemini Moon, Full

I have an idea. Leave your computers for tonight. Don’t turn on the babble-box.Let the talk-show radio hosts go talk to themselves.Forget the wobbly hold the mutable grand cross has had over us,this past couple of days.

Stroll outside at sunset and look to the east.
There, rising, you will behold the biggest full Moon of the year. And also the last.

Let your minds go where you body wants it to – the land of Feralia, where all are free.

Blessed Gemini Moon, All.

Full Moon exact at 6:38pm, SAST.

Pic:from Physorg

5 responses to “Gemini Moon, Full

  1. It was such a gorgeous moon! It woke me up about six am, spilling light into my northwest windows. I stood in the light for quite some time and then went back to bed to dream about a group of women doing the most magical ritual.


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