Spirit Matters

Following a parallel track to THE Michael and the transcendent writings of Marya, I’ve been giving thought to just why I consider the rioting, currently in Greece, but more and more often around the world, is an expression of the high moral ground.

Spirit is not separate from Matter. I don’t believe with some people of faith that Spirit was inserted into Matter at some point in Creation. Neither do I believe with some Buddhists that Spirit is ultimately the important thing.

Spirit and Matter are co dependant. They are so inextricably intertwined in one another that not even death completely separates them. Spirit suffuses every atom of Matter, and Matter interpenetrates Spirit from each and every one of those atoms. Spirit Matters, and Matter is en Spirited.

Thus the conclusion that Earth is Primary is inescapable. Our landbase is what makes our consciousness of Spirit possible. To wilfully destroy that landbase is counter life, counter intuitive and indicative of a very sick and irredeemably insane mode of Being.

Which is where, unfortunately, we find ourselves right now.
How we got here – to the point where we’ve encaged our planet and are not only eating Her away, but also toxifying all Her Life – is not as important, I submit, as finding a way to stop it, as quickly as possible.

Life does indeed teach Life, and toxified and sickly Life can only inform pathologically. This is not right.

Mankind’s pyramids of control structures are strangling all Life – human and (this was the clincher for me) non-human alike. It cannot be allowed to go unchallenged, and preferably corrected.

People will be pushed around by the Machine – lulled to sleep by electronic narcotics and peer-reviewed philosophy – only up to a point, and I’m pleased to see that that point is being reached in many humans all across the globe.

Our governments have become our Frankenstein’s Monsters, and the Police organizations extruding from them a vicious organ of destruction. The police are no longer -if indeed they ever were – a protective and serving force for humankind. They protect and serve only the interests of those with power-over to lose.

The Machine must be dismantled – yes, globally. Every last trace of it must be rendered inoperative, unable to do any more damage, preferably before it turns on itself and takes most of the Life on this planet with it.If hunter-gatherer is the only sustainable technological level for humankind, so be it. Or maybe we should admit that our experiment has escaped the laboratory, and go hunt it down and put a bullet in its brain before it’s too late.

Thus it is that I am siding with the Greek Anarchists, and with every soul who has decided to Bash Back against the Machine. We need it all, and we need it now.

Pic: Found at Guerrilla News Network


7 responses to “Spirit Matters

  1. Cause and effect …. Strange how spirit is just ABSENT form all their equations, until something like this happens, and it s still measured in terms of “property damage”


  2. Unfortunately, aside from a power structure which will not surrender power peacefully, we have the damage already done in the form of structures and toxins already in the environment. Have you seen the SIZE of some of these refineries? Where are we to put all this metal and mess should we desire to dismantle it all so that the land can be reclaimed?I fear the only answer is a severe thinning out, if not outright extinction, of mankind, if this ecosystem is to survive and recover.


  3. I believe that spirit is ultimately the important thing. Without it all is lost. But it gets more insane and destructive out there every day. And it seems, nothing we can do about it. It seems like it won’t be long now until it’s everyone for themselves. To survive on their own or in little groups with like minded folks. Interesting…..


  4. I don’t actually have a firm belief that Jesus was ever an historical figure, but it doesn’t matter so much, as we manufacture all our gods anyway.You can deny that Jesus is a historical figure but look around, he damn sure isn’t going to go away hon. But does need to be put in the proper context. It may well be that ‘they’ manufacture all their gods, but they also brainwash others into believing in them. And so it goes, generation after generation of believing that there is an omnipotent god with a plan out there. Yeah, right.


  5. Of course you could believe in Faeries like Anne does, what a joke, I woke up the other morning dreaming I was having sex with one, but it was just my hand. Escape to fiction being as you can’t handle reality Faeries, ha ha ha. I wish I had some of her drugs.


  6. I’m willing to allow the notion of Spirit (especially from a fellow Scorpio!), but when you have a society that puts little bits of metal and pieces of paper over human beings to the point where humans become commodities themselves, you’ve had it.I am all in favour of the Greek anarchists up to a point. Violence creates only more violence. What is needed, it seems to me is more ethics and more compassion – but then they are much harder to do than violence.Still, I’m with you that the Machine we humans created needs to be dismantled and a new way of looking at how we live needs to replace it.


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