This Is Me…

..For a story board we’re doing at work.She’s going to sing – hopefully better than the Real Me can.

Meanwhile, this is me, dreaming less frequently in the last 10 days than I have in years, and when I do, it takes place in – you guessed it – a market!

This time, the market is huge, and I have more than enough money with me to buy exactly what I need. It seems I need a ceramic cauldron on wheels, some jasmine, and a drum in the shape of a woman leaning over in a graceful arch.

The cauldron probably represents the coming Summer Solstice: time and place of transformation, when the Holly King will beat out his brother the Oak King to preside over the waning year, and when our creative fecundity reaches its height.

The drum I must look into a bit more – it’s possible that I could use one in my Shamanic journeying. But I’ll be making it myself, not purchasing it.The feeling of plenty of money in my dream didn’t mean cash of course, but a plentiful supply of those qualities necessary for thriving in this incarnation.

This is me, being in the joyful state I so often seem to default to.

Brandishing a sword, apparently.

Update: in other fascinating news, another Shaman has been found, apparently buried with her stash.
This one’s not me, I assure you.


4 responses to “This Is Me…

  1. Oh, that’s a great picture!!!I’ve been having such intense dreams here mere days before the longest night. A v long detailed one about Hillary Clinton, an intense one about G/Son, a fun one about an unknown family for whom I’d signed on as nanny . . . .I do often have dreams in large markets, but not lately. Large hotels, too.


  2. Sis Hecate,Thanks -you’ve just explained my lack of dreams. I’m on the upswing, of course, inthis hemisphere, and consciousness is tending to dominate sub- or un – consciousness. That makes sense, now.Livia,Nooooooo…I’m one of those funny older people who don’t have any tats or piercings (even my ear holes have closed up by now), although I understand there’s much more to them than I can apparently grasp!Love,Terri in Joburg


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