Fired Brains on Heron

“Just as herons are often seen wading, a dream about a heron can convey the idea of being partially—but not fully—into an issue, dynamic, or situation, or trying something out, or doing something without full commitment or personal involvement.”

From Dream Visions-yes, this one I had to look up.

Okay – whose heron was that?

There I was, taking my usual stroll down by the Tree which grows on the banks of the River, when we see coming towards us a person. That’s all about the human – just this person, you know?

Backing him however was a gorgeous blue-shaded heron, stretching its neck upwards, wings spread wide behind his head.

The person then retreated into the hills and dales around my journey cave.

I was sorry to see the heron go.

I’d really like to know who owns this part of their Self.

I also know, oddly enough, that the name ‘Herne’ is another way of saying Heron.

I’ve been out of commission today with a touch of what looks suspiciously like sunstroke. Maybe my brain is fried.

Heron Pic: Delta River Mania

Herne Pic: Moondancing

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