Fear God?

“We need to teach our people to fear God”.

Thus spake Jacob Zuma,ANC President and fearless defender of, and apparently spokesman for, Yahweh Himself.

Excuse me, Mr (or is that Doctor?) Zuma, but WTF?

“Even those who are not religious – they may be communists – must learn to fear others. We must also learn to fear our ancestors.”

I don’t know about you, but I have a fairly good relationship with my ancestors, and fear is not one of the emotions at play here. Perhaps Mr. Zuma’s great grandmother was a tyrannical harridan with whom he needs to curry favour, but none of mine were. They had their faults, yes, but in their accumulated experience of incarnation they’ve never once suggested that I have anything to fear from them. Or from God.

Perhaps I should be fearing Yahweh’s followers, like Zuma, who thinks to impose compulsory prayer at all schools. Yes, on reflection I think they are rather more fearsome than their psychotic egregore – who’s fading fast quite frankly, and needs to drum up a bit of apocalyptic panic before we hammer the last nail into his coffin.
Smite the unbeliever then – go on, I dare you. You obviously haven’t met the growing breed of awake and alert souls yet.

In other news, I’ve had a week from Through the Looking Glass, where Fraud was called upon to fix every stuff up and miscalculation that Business Intelligence (hah!)could think to commit. We made it, mostly through dint of long experience. Call on Fraud – we may not be your friends, exactly, but we’ll fix your problems for you.

This morning, to boot, I woke up with a single word doing the rounds in my brain.

Please don’t laugh.
Yes, I know what one of those is.But let’s look it up, anyway, huh?

“The ovipositor is an organ used by some of the animals for oviposition, i.e. the laying of eggs. It consists of a maximum of three pairs of appendages formed to transmit the egg, to prepare a place for it, and to place it properly” (Wikipedia)

It’s also, apparently, a Rock Band out of Oakland, California – which has 3 band members. With, I suppose, a maximum of three pairs of legs between them. Interesting. Must listen to them some time -perhaps they have something to say to me.

On that note, I’ve had the godsawful Gino Vanelli running around my mind all of today, for no good reason. Looks like this musician, who’s even older than I am, is still on tour. Good, there’s hope for me yet.

Isn’t it remarkable how music can awaken whole vistas of senses? How you can find yourself literally back in time, with all the sights, smells and inner soul of another era, just by remembering a song, or a whole album of songs? (In this case, Brother to Brother. How very weird of me).Oh, well:

And oh this world won’t change for me
The special things in life are free
I’ve always known and understood
There are people I belong to for good

If we’re going to do weird, let’s do it properly.

Pic: Ovipositor, the band(“We are not pretty, we are not young, we are not sexy, we are not charismatic, we are not hip, we are not your friends. Please enjoy the music”. I like the sound of that)


14 responses to “Fear God?

  1. Great article. ‘Fear God’ indeed. That’s just utterly appalling, maybe even classifiable as depraved, but it does come from the guy whose entire AIDS and HIV policy seems capable of being summed up as ‘do it with your eyes closed, hope for the best, God be with you’…Which is much the same as what he has to say about Mugabe. Or anything, really. Zuma’s desire to propagate and evangelise fear is astonishing in its backwardness. x


  2. …and take a shower afterwards. Yes, Andy, that’s our Zuma. I fear for this country should he ever become its president.Well, I fear for it now..Mine too, Sister Hecate. Perhaps Zuma’s hoping to become someone else’s hooty ancestor.Love,Terri in Joburg


  3. Fear and love ….Yes, of course fear is what whey want, it’s the only currency they know.Given them by THEIR ancestors …. i fear their ancestors too, bloodthirsty bunch they were.I also like the sound of tht band :Dpeace


  4. You made me giggle out loud today Terri.Oddly, mostly because I have spent the week watching a wasp dilligently carrying moths to buery in small holes in my sand tray at school and depositing an egg in each. Its been fascinating.


  5. Divide, instill fear and conquer. Its the only way some people can work but it always creates endless problems and resentment.Why would anyone think that a deity who has to be feared deserves any honour and respect at all?


  6. Seems like DUBYA is going to be the inspiration for tinpot dictators and crazy politicians for decades to come. Amazing what you can do when you stir up fear in ignorant people.Bet you were amazed at how ignorant OUR population turned out to be, huh?


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