The place where science and intuition intersect is the vesica piscis – the gateway to illumination.

Sometimes, under stress, we come to this meeting place of the rational and irrational, and something becomes so clear to us that it changes our soul.

Despite years of intellectual understanding of the origins of All That Is, it can be hard for me to comprehend at a gut level. So, when the gateway opens, it’s like every chakra is spinning in perfect harmony. It’s a lighting-up of the soul in a flash of understanding which I know will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Long, long ago – before we were even those unicellular organisms thinking of bartering Sex for Death – we were all together in one place. Every single particle which now makes up me was there, together with every single particle that now makes up you.

In a wild outpouring of Love and Energy, we blew ourSelves apart, and we became :

Waves Upon The Sea! Spreading Cape Ash Trees! Even Lollipop Ones! Sparrows! Taxi Drivers! Tarmac! The Surgeon’s Knife! The Large Hadron Collider! The Beams of Sun Reflected From The Moon! Sarah Palin! Mist Upon The Morning Fields! Some Sodding Great Mass Pulling Galaxies Into Its Maw at 1000 km/sec!

Me! You!

We Are That.

It’s all there is. It’s enough.

2 responses to “Illumination

  1. The place where science and intuition intersect is the vesica piscis – the gateway to illumination.Why is science here. The ancients had no science, only nature … not IMHO the same thing?It’s a very unique position we’re in to be able to understand the scientific reasons behind our existance, the same for the wealth of knowledge at our disposal.It still contibutes little to the true understanding of what you speak. Still, it’s a very good place to be :)peace


  2. Abraxas,Science is the one set intersecting in the creation of the vesica piscis for me, as well as I suppose many people who’ve been educated in a like manner – we need to get over the science, yes, but it has years’ of stranglehold over us and the way we think.Love,Terri in Joburg


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