Ataraxia III

This is how I end up laughing : by imagining each person who’s giving me grief as a collection of particles in the first three seconds of the life of the universe.

When the particles which make me up were rubbing side by side with that noisy drunk in the street; were contiguous with both major aspirants for the US Presidency; were in the same place at the same time as that death-dealing taxi driver .

Remembering that, a great effervescence bubbles up in my mind. And I know that at a very deep level – yes, we are all connected. And so bloody funny.

Pic from Gene Ruyle

One response to “Ataraxia III

  1. Yes, it is very funny. Your view is a positive one .. creation and potential etc.I take refuge in the wormfood ideas. Puts the pompous boss or whoever in his rightful place.peace 😉


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