We interrupt this regular countdown to Calan Haf to bring you the following message:

“Jump, capitalist pig — the party is over!

Jump, because you do not deserve any bailout, especially with what remains of the taxpayers’ money.

Jump, it is only right, as you have looted and plundered the land of your birth without any regard of the consequences for your friends and neighbors or the future of our children.

Jump, you rotten bastards in your three-piece suits, your wingtip shoes, your Rolex watches and your damned suspenders, you who threw good hard-working men with dirt under their fingernails out of work.

Jump, you stinking rats who lied to the American worker, who bribed and corrupted the representatives of the people to send Americas good paying jobs to sweatshops in Mexico, China, to India, leaving in their wake minimum wage jobs while you stuffed your pockets at the expense of your fellow Americans.

Jump, you bastards, who called it business when it was really treason when you sold out your Nation for profit.

Jump, you miserable scum, as you have destroyed the American family, forcing mothers to leave their children with strangers to make ends meet.

Jump, for having sold your fellow human beings into financial slavery, chained to a lifetime of debt without end.

Jump, for making Americas currency all but worthless.Jump, for throwing families off their farms, for taking away peoples homes, for the stagnating wages.

Jump, you bastards for influencing the foreign policy of America to make war in order for your corporations and banks to seize and control the resources of other nations.

Jump, for you have the blood of the innocent on your hands, murdered in the name of corporate greed.

Jump, you bastards, for helping to give us Bush and Cheney who would turn America into a corporate controlled fascist state.

Jump, you capitalist exploiters of humanity, at least give us, your victims, the satisfaction of seeing you jump, along with all the other Wall St practitioners of soulless greed and exploitation.”

“Jump!” – Leon Fisher (leonjfisher@webtv.net), http://www.unknownnews.org/0809-30LF.htm

(My emphasis)

Brought to my attention on the Derrick Jensen forums, and via that Coyote Prime fellow in my sidebar.
Returning you to Beltane shortly…

3 responses to “Jump

  1. *wild applause*Makes me want to petrol bomb a bank … ok, i wanted to do that before …. but now it’ll feel JUSTIFIED ;-)But yeah, they should all find somewhere to jump off.


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