Retrograde Release

Having survived this month’s Mercury retrograde intact (barely), I’m really looking forward to Saturday morning, when Chiron, the wounded healer, turns direct again after a five-month stint at going backwards right on top of my natal moon.

I have an Aquarius Natal Chiron, which itself is conjunct my Natal Moon, so I’m kind of touchy and emotional about stuff which falls under this centaur’s sign – old wounds, how we do this to ourselves, and how we fix ourselves again, eventually. Or if not, how we come back again to finish the healing job.

I’ve been keeping Spirit of Pied Crow very close to me all during this time, mostly without knowing exactly why.But Pied Crow is a bit of a street urchin – she survives, and survives well, even where humankind has most laid waste.

With the turning-direct of Chiron, we’re going to be finishing a period of healing ourselves – individually and as a continuum, a greater consciousness, an ocean of life if you will – and tallying up how well we did.

And then, at the beginning of November, blessed Neptune gets back on the straight and narrow, after a similar period spent walking backwards. I have a Natal Neptune in Scorpio, which makes me a Very Powerful Witch Indeed. Please don’t mess with me.

After all this we get to celebrate Beltane with a sigh of relief, and many other pleasurable things besides….

Pic: Oil painting Chiron by Molly Clark


4 responses to “Retrograde Release

  1. Having survived this month’s Mercury retrograde intact.Whatever, smoke another joint and I’m sure everything will continue to be just great. Ha ha ha.


  2. The Michael,I misplaced Samhain-could’ve sworn I put it down here just now…Livia,Aaarg! Okay, I’ll get to it.:)Billy,Yahyahyah.You know I produce these states in my brain all by myself. No chemical help necessary.Love,Terri in Joburg


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