Humility is Not My Strong Suit

I got home yesterday – after making the post about Nehallennia but before any comments – and took her for a ride.

I didn’t get out of the gate. She dumped me.

On the grass, OK, for which I’m really really grateful.
I’m not even sure how it happened. Certainly, we’ve got uneven terrain especially between the back and front yards, where I was trying to get her through the back gate when she seemed to just throw me to the right. I rolled on the ground, nothing much hurt but a sprained muscle somewhere in my upper thigh and a little bruised dignity.

It was only this morning that I read The Michael’s comment on my last post and realised what had happened.

Stupid woman, Terri.Now go back humbly and beg her pardon for your arrogant attitude, cap in hand.

Anyone who still thinks that a motorcycle (or any other vehicle for human transport) is a soulless piece of metal – I beg you to think again. I’ve been taught a lesson which, now I consider it, was really gentle for the amount of hubris it had to address.

In other news, I’m pretty damn happy to be seeing the back of this particular Mercury Retrograde. I’ve been cruising pretty well on it, until this morning. I’m not counting the server problems we’ve been having at work as they affect everyone in this company and thank gods I don’t have to sort it out, just work patiently with it.

But this morning – leg still twinging after my little lesson last night – I was walloped with an oversize Municipality bill, delivered really late, for payment in a week’s time. Also, I’d forgotten to pay my subs for the Derrick Jensen Endgame classes I’m participating in. And I’d neglected to keep my credit card in funds, which caused more problems with Paypal….all of which I tried to address this morning before even leaving the house.

Seems the last day of a Mercury Retrograde can pack a bit of a punch. I’m hiding behind a bunch of amethysts for the rest of the day.

Maybe I’ll head over to Beth Owl’s Daughter’s place to give an account of this.
May the closing gasps of your retrograde be kinder to you.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering – yes I did get straight back on the bike, and went for a medium-long ride.


12 responses to “Humility is Not My Strong Suit

  1. Glad you got back up :)Michael is right, cover yourself PROPERLY … no amount of money is worth that skin you have.Good luck with commuting, GET A YELLOW VEST PLEEEEZ! I have a spare if you want.As to humility i find the bike is good for that, especially when the rains come!*aside* What is this mercury crap? I’ve been so completely sick and depressed the last few weeks, is there a change on the way?peace


  2. While aged horses usually are more quite, tamed, and peaceful then young, with bikes is the opposite: old bikes are much wilder then new. Hence, riding an old bike is like riding a wild and untamed mare.


  3. Thanks guys- I appreciate both your experienced comments!Abraxas, yes I’m getting a yellow vest (although it may say ‘Fidelity’ for a while), and yes, I’ve always covered up.I have huge disdain for jerks riding around in shorts.Love,Terri


  4. Other, lesser folk would have taken this opportunity to proclaim “I TOLD you SO!” However, being the HUMBLE, kind, wise and generous soul that I am, I am not going to say ‘I TOLD you SO”. Nope, not gonna do it. You can draw and quarter me, beat me with dried wet noodles, or send me on a blind date with Sarah Palin, but no way am I going to stoop to telling you with great relish and unbriddled amusement that “I TOLD you SO!!!!”.Is the bike OK? grin.


  5. You did indeed tell me so Michael – the timing of your previous comment was bloody paranormal.Nehallennia is very fine, thank you – some soil on her handlebars and a slightly bent brake lever but it doesn’t require drastic repair.Love,terri in Joburg


  6. Good thing it wasn’t a bigger and heaver bike. I once tried shoving my leg up my butt with a dirt bike but I think you already know that.Be careful on that thing out there.Mercury RetrogradeYou sure get into some weird nonsense, you on pot?


  7. Hi Anne,Yes, amethysts are your friend when the communication field is muddy. Here I was wearing wo around my neck and one on my finger, with a large one on my nightstand!It’s my favourite stone anyway as it also protects against drunkenness.:)Hi Billy,Nehallennia is a fairly heavy bike really, but that ought to be irrelevent if you’re balanced right. Hmm.:)Mercury retrograde?It sounds like weird shit to you, sure, but I tend to go with what works – and so far, the basic principles of astrology have been demonstrably working.Love,Terri in Joburg


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