The Ballad of Nehallennia

When I bought this bike, the only thing she needed was a new rear tyre, as the old one was dangerously worn, in my opinion.

Tyres aren’t particularly cheap, and being reluctant to put anything on credit, I waited for the end of the following month to get a new one – only to find that this particular size is manufactured by a) the Chinese or b) Bridgestone, both of whom I have ethical problems with buying from.

After quite a bit of comparison shopping and asking questions, I found that the only tyres I could use were in fact Bridgestones, unless I wanted to put my life as well as my ethical principles under threat by opting for Chinese. So, WeSellDefectiveTyresToAfrica it was.

New tyre fitted (and clutch cabling repaired), I took her for a spin – and the wiring caught fire.
Complete rewiring and new ignition harness later, I took her for a spin again – and the master link snapped, ending up in the sprocket casing, while the chain ended up on the tarmac.

By now I was fairly cross with Nehallenia and decided a fresh, tougher approach was called for – after all, it was entirely possible that she was balking at having a female boss for the first time. So I changed the tone of my communication with her to closer to the tone I use when reminding the dogs who exactly the boss is.

No more problems. She runs well and sounds healthy. I’ll be starting to commute on her come next week.

Pic: How she ought to look, but, given a black spray job and a couple of pentacle transfers, probably won’t.


2 responses to “The Ballad of Nehallennia

  1. Before you presume to be this bike’s MASTER as opposed to “rider”, I would consider wearing leather from head to toe, because this thing is very likely to introduce you a few times to the joys of road rash if you don’t treat her with respect. Remember, a bike is nothing more than a horse with an iron heart, and commands the same love of the Goddess.


  2. You make a good point Michael.I started with exactly that intention – of becoming better acquainted with her as I would with anything else with a soul.I guess I’m just feeling pissed off at the moment – likely due to the flurry of last-day-of Mercury-retrograde incidents.Love,Terri in Joburg


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