Danny Boy

When I get a clear, precise vision of my Dad just before entering an altered state of consciousness, then it is I know that I am about to become a bridge – a link between this temporary incarnation and intelligences (or maybe consciousnesses is a better, if clumsier, word) arising from the same Ground as all of us,who don’t usually manifest mundanely.

All of which is a long winded way of saying that last night I spoke with people maybe dead, maybe alive but in extremis. I have the strong feeling that this dream was not a personal one, but connected with and coming from a broader range of life.

So last night when I saw Dad I immediately gathered around me my spirit guides: two non-human animals close to me, two ancestors clasping my hands, and two deity forms standing tall at my back – and counted myself down to the base of the Tree of Life.

I was walking past a low, cottage-like structure in this dream, and through the open door I could hear someone trying to sing. Londonderry Air. The singer was a woman, a bit older than me,with short red hair. She wasn’t making a very good job of the Air, so as I passed I took up the refrain. Not that I have a great singing voice -in fact, it’s mostly off key. But when I sing aloud in my dreams -also not very often – my voice seems to fly from my soul as if empowered from something much greater, something which can sing like an angel.

It’s I’ll be here, in sunshine or in shadow.

I then found myself in a large indoor pool, swimming. From the water rose a young woman, all pink and blond. She was markedly in distress, and this distress manifested as an apparent retardation of the brain. I rose from the water and stood on one side as a team of remarkably inept spell casters practised their craft. They were using cardboard cut outs of people to assist them. I came forward and performed what they had been trying to do, at the same time decidedly distancing myself from their congregation. I has the feeling that they were Correllians. Yuk. Magic and money don’t mix well.

This morning when I awoke I had the strongest feeling that none of this was about me as an individual intelligence at all – that it concerned the broader community. Since I am still very much an L-Driver of a Shaman, I’m putting it up here both as a record for myself and as a somewhat dim and flickering neon sign for anyone with more developed skills to read.

Today I’m taking a day off work to go and ride quad bikes and paddle canoes with the Fraud department.(Not my idea, I hasten to add). I expect to return very dirty and very tired, with hopefully dome pictures of our day out.

3 responses to “Danny Boy

  1. I really had no use for my parents, they were mean to us, and self centered. Many of my dreams involve others on this planet that I have never seen, but I assume that they are here.


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