Plant Communication Diaries – the Next Installment

As regular blogfriends will know, I’ve been talking to plants for a while now, or at least the plants have been talking to me, and I’ve had little problem understanding them.

Last night, however, I had a communication which has left me somewhat puzzled.
Here are the clues:

This plant grows in meadows near to water.
This plant is edible.
This plant has creamy yellow inside petals, lying flat in concentric circles,and are very nearly circular themselves.
This plant has outer petals (or leaves) which are green and fold up, enclosing the flower.
This plant is a bastard which will not tell me its name.

The outer structure is similar to the water lily, or maybe the lotus:

while the petals on the inside look rather more like the water lily dahlia:

and are a pale yellow or cream in colour.
The outer shell is dark green.

It seems to be neither of these two plants, however.

Anyone care to guess what it is?

I’ve been googling like mad this morning, but I still can’t place it.

Maybe I’m now in dialogue with one of the very few trickster plants on earth.

Which reminds me: I was looking into the face of the early morning sky about ten days ago, and I saw a bright streak of a meteor descending through the atmosphere. The apparent location was in the vicinity of the annual Orionids shower – which isn’t due to start for a good week yet. This straggler from Halley’s comet was almost three weeks early.

Meteor pic from this weird page


5 responses to “Plant Communication Diaries – the Next Installment

  1. Hon, if you want your plants to enjoy something turn on some frigging music, they don’t need your babble. Maybe it would be better to get out and listen to their music? No, you won’t know what they are saying, but just enjoy the music anyway. It’s their music, it’s just for you to listen to and enjoy, you don’t have to over analyze it all.Keep it simple stupid, or have you forgotten that you keep saying that you are a pagan?


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