Who’s There?

A bunch of galaxies all headed in one direction, and that direction just over the horizon of the visible universe, have got astrophysicists wondering if there’s some giant mass lurking out there.

The renegade galaxies show up against the cosmic background radiation -presumably a remnant signal of the Big Bang – as they’re moving in a direction opposite to that of the expansion of the rest of the universe.

So, what’s causing this unprecedented flow of galaxies towards one point(that point, for those of you familiar with the night sky, is in the apparent vicinity of Vela, part of Argo Navis, prominent in the Southern skies)?

We don’t know, but that’s not going to stop us theorising.

Best guess so far involves an enormous mass lurking around the edges of the universe.

Well yes, that would do it, wouldn’t it? Huge gravitational source pulls entire galaxies towards it at speeds in excess of 1000km/s.

At the University of Oslo, Hans Christian Erikson has been uncovering similar forces – large, so far invisible structures which could signify the existence of sodding enormous masses built into the structure of the universe which we just haven’t seen as yet.

If nothing else, this makes you wonder just how much, and of what significance, we have failed to notice about the space time in which we are embedded. My bet would be quite a lot.

7 responses to “Who’s There?

  1. At the moment you’d be in agreement with most of the blokes who work this stuff, Livia.Of course, it’s vital to their Inflation Theorem(and thus to the whole Big Bang notion) that Dark Matter exists – and I tend to think it probably does (exist that is), too.Love,Terri in Joburg


  2. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn what is out there. Even if there is other life (and there isn’t) out there it is so damn far away that we can’t get to it anyway. And they damn sure wouldn’t want us there anyway. Unless of course we tasted good to them.All I care about is this planet and the life on it. If life fails here, it doesn’t matter what is out there.You higher spirit is out there of course, and your other worldn but it isn’t anything that is visible, other than to you. And not being of physical form or bulk no one else can see it.Best guess so far involves an enormous mass lurking around the edges of the universe.You suppose something out there farted? Ha, ha, ha. Of course there is an enormous mass out there, but it’s just more (new) expanding energies of the expanding universe.Jesus, lady, worry about something else, like this planet. Hugs.


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