Alban Eiler 2008

Yet, like some sweet beguiling melody,
So sweet, we know not we are listening to it,
Thou, the meanwhile, wast blending with my Thought,
Yea, with my Life and Life’s own secret joy:
Till the dilating Soul, enrapt, transfused,
Into the mighty vision passing—there
As in her natural form, swelled vast to Heaven.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Hymn Before Sunrise, in the Vale of Chamouni

A blessed Ostara/Alban Eiler/Mabon/Whateverthehel you’re celebrating.


4 responses to “Alban Eiler 2008

  1. I was intrigued too, Livia- in large part because the image bears a passing resemblance to myself.Err, without the stuff on the back that is.It came from a promotional website for New Mexico , but the blog was so long I couldn’t isolate the exact image, even using the find function on my computer!I think it’s green clay on her back actually -oh yes, you love tats, don’t you? Somebody’s going to have to explain that one to me, one day.Love,Terri in Joburg


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