Bugger Beltaine..


As Hecate noted (and also Lunaea), the Veil is thinning now.

And it’s only Alban Eiler.

Maybe it’s the turning online of the Large Hadron Collider, with all it’s oh-gods-we’re-all-gonna-die connotations, or the ongoing collapse of the climate, or the sudden collapse of the worldwide economy (yes, I believe it’s come to that, cover up like a cat on a rug though we may) – whatever, there’s this huge pervasive feeling of total connection to all that is.

I woke up this morning feeling bathed in universal agape. It’s as though I’ve spread, like an amoeba, throughout the multiverse and can feel every little pull and tug on the web. Or expanded like a light wave, encompassing the All within my skin.

When something collapses, it tends to leave a space into which rushes all sorts of things we never noticed before. Faith in our leadership has collapsed along with geological and financial systems. Faith in our monolithic religions, too, is failing fast. I can feel this. What rushes in to fill the vacuum? It’s too early to see its full shape and substance, but it feels like paradigm shift.

And not, as I noted previously, a damn minute too soon.


9 responses to “Bugger Beltaine..

  1. Hmmmm yes … there is something in the air.Problem is, i’m too caught up in the day to day to really FEEL it … Need to find a quiet place and stand outside and see.Need to break the box.When we going for a ride? 😉


  2. Got to put a new back tyre on the bony first!Maybe you should relax into the universe a bit more – I dunno I’m not a great advice giver, but I’ve found that striving often frustrates the dialogue.Love,Terri in joburg


  3. …and I’d be under the covers, too, if I lived in a first world country!Here in Africa, we don’t get off unscathed, but due to the greedy..err…global nature of the economic structures, we still get to feel it.A bit like an earthquake happening in the next state.Love,Terri in Joburg


  4. I had a powerful vision about a huge “otherworldly” battle just the other day…it really gave me a start.I suppose it’s comforting that I somehow know that I’m on the winning side, though…Anyway, I’m glad to see that others are out of sorts at this time. We’re approaching Mabon in the North, and I think the veil is thinning everwhere earlier.Blessings to all,arcanedancer


  5. There is no other country that I feel is being ran properly either or I would maybe be tempted to move to it. Nationalism is bullshit, I’m a citizen on a small planet and living in a country with boarders and stupid rules and ways of thinking and beliefs that I didn’t make.Our next president will just be another idiot brainwashed christaian monkey.But the next one might be brown, whatever, makes no matter to me. The only difference between a white christian monkey and a brown christian is….. Nothing.God must love stupid people; She made so many. Ha, ha, ha.


  6. Well, it’s what witches do, isn’t it? Stand in the breach and say, “Here’s a breach,” and think of ways to spin webs and build bridges and evision ways to go from here/when to now/then.I’d love to see a global effort of witches to envision a web to hold together the important things, now, when so many of us feel that some great beast slouches off to Bethelehem, waiting to be born while things fall apart and the center cannot hold. We could all focus on water, sending it blessings, and knowing that it evaporates, and rains down, and flows all over Mamma Earth.


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