Public Enemy Number 5043

My pack of dogs is fairly astute at telling friend from foe – who is harmless, who’s a bloody nuisance and who is to be turned away from the gate with as much vigour as possible.

This morning, they were going bananas at another roving pack – a band of Jehovah’s Witnesses touring our suburb, as they frequently do.

Charybdys, Scylla, Chippy and Bart were giving full vent to their displeasure, mostly directed towards the women in the other pack, which is unusual for Pit Bulls – they tend to be soppy with females.

I was enraged and ordered them (the JWs that is) away from our gate. They were disturbing my dogs. But my anger didn’t abate immediately. I continued angry for some time after, and I’ve worked out why.

These folks aren’t the benign, friendly God-Botherers they like to portray. They are malevolent, evil scions who should be treated no better than criminals – for that is what, in essence, they are.

What do we call someone who breaks into your house and takes away your possessions? Or someone who hijacks your car at gunpoint? Right.

What then, should we be calling people who, like thieves and hijackers, waylay you in order to take possession of your soul?

Pic: Someone who hates them as much as I do


6 responses to “Public Enemy Number 5043

  1. I can’t say that I know a lot about them even though I have studied them some. And they appear to be different there than here. One ones I see here are pretty peaceful and helpful. And some of those female monkeys are pretty darn sexy, I want to ask one if she wants to have sex with God. Well, if they love God that much you would think they would want to. What bothers me about them here is they seem to talk a lot more than they do good things. And seem to think that God is supposed to favor them. They have nice homes, drive expensive cars, dress very well, things like that. I think they should sell that crap and use the money to help feed starving women and children.


  2. They go to Helen’s all the time, she won’t let them in her home but does talk to them outside. They give her those Watchtower things and such, there is actually good stuff in them at times. But they avoid me, ha, ha, ha.


  3. I can say that I know PLENTY about them. We were deeply entrenched to this day, and my father is still an elder in their church. They frown upon drinking, but he is an alchoholic. They excommunicate as a matter of policy, and he turned to zoloft because he couldn’t stop crying. They do indeed prey upon the lost and confused. And for the first time since we got here to california, I had them at my front door. I stopped them before they got through the gate.If I’d had pitbulls? Well, then …D~


  4. Your dogs are pit bulls? You have four of them? Scylla, Charybdis, Chippy, and Bart?Oh my Goddess, no wonder I love you.Are people as afraid of them in South Africa as they are in the U.S.?Gryphon says hello from the couch, at his mama’s feet, wrapped in his daddy’s fleece jacket. (It’s getting cold here, and most of his hair seems to be on his head.)


  5. Yes Inanna- four furious family members.I would rather give up breathing than see any of them hurt.But yes, here in SA the old stereotypes endure – egged on by silly people who ‘get’ a Pit just for the image.Then there’s the media, who report all dogs who attack humans as ‘pit bulls’.Grrrr….They obviously haven’t met me yet.Big kiss to GryphonLove,Terri in JoburgThey are the best dogs I’ve ever had the privilege of living with


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