A Humbling Experience

Well, here she is – my independent mode of transport.

I bought her off a Screening Agent at work and today I brought her home.

I didn’t ride her though.

I think I speak with authority when I say that both the 2 men who watched as I wobbled off around the parking garage, and most surprisingly myself, were afraid for my safety should I attempt to take her on the road right away.

I haven’t ridden a bike for a good 12 years-maybe longer.

I started riding at 16 and stopped finally at about age 36.
In between then and now, however, have come lots of changes – not the least of which being a death and rebirth; no small matter.

But it was still a curiously humbling experience to admit that I need to regain my confidence and my riding skills – so she came home with me on the back of the bakkie.

I’m going to be taking many rides around my quiet suburb in the next few days. Tomorrow should be good – the neighbours have just stopped by to say they’re having a 40th birthday party then – and I’ll only take her on the roads when I’m back to something like my old confidence.

She’ll also get a name sometime soon. Any suggestions?

6 responses to “A Humbling Experience

  1. She’ll also get a name sometime soon. Any suggestions?Death? I hate to say it but as more people take to bikes the death rates are going up.Just a cold hard fact of life hon. I love getting around that way, but when I do these days I stay off the main streets as much as I can. I slow down, use extra caution, and use alleys a lot. Don’t know what alleys there are like though, but they are quite and peaceful here.All bikes have souls, they are simply millions of molecules that took that life form in order to serve you in that way.It isn’t them you have to worry about, it’s the other monkeys out there. Know what I mean?


  2. Hey good going lady!!Seriously, see the think bike website, lots of practical suggestions, and we arrange “noob” rides to help people get their confidence.It can be dangerous, but it’s all up to you ;)Let me know if you need helppeace


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