We Need It All

The Earth is being murdered, by large corporations and the governments who support them. In other words, by civilisation.

It’s a fact.
Our planet is losing 30,000 species a year.
There are dioxins in every mother’s breast milk.
90 % of fish life has already been wiped out.
There are poisons and pesticides in almost every thing we eat, and in all our water and the air, too.

Tell me this is not murder.

As soon as I had this thought laid out, from end to end, neatly in my mind, I experienced a deep sense of peace. Rather like trying to swallow a bitter pill – and I’m a particularly difficult pill-swallower – once it’s down, you feel relief.

I’m looking at the fact that the Earth is being murdered, and I feel ataraxia.

As some very thoughtful commenters on my last post have put forward, rioting in the streets is not solving anything.
But then again I can’t help but thinking that not rioting in the streets may be worse. At least these angry young people are dragging the police states of our countries out into the open, where we can all see them.
We need to know that those in power will be ruthless with opposition.

I know, now, where I stand. I know it with a deep, peaceful certainty that precludes flight, dithering and anxiety.

There is work in plenty available for those of us who have come to this conclusion, and we may not win – in fact the odds are against us taking back our planet from the abusers’ hands. But I’m willing, for I have to act.
Not to do so, with my new-found surety, would probably kill me – and most certainly will kill countless other human and nonhuman people across the globe.

Think on the fact that, for the first time in our planet’s 4 billion-year history, almost half its plant species are facing extinction.

Yes, we’re the only truly insane animal on this planet. But that doesn’t mean that each of us must hold ourselves accountable.
You may drive a ground-devouring 4X4, but you’re not responsible for the manufacture,marketing and sale of the beast. OK, if the corps didn’t think they could sell you such a daft machine, they wouldn’t make them – but that’s a question of mind set. And I believe our mass human mindsets are changing. Not fast enough to stop the murder of our Mother, but changing, indeed.

That reminds me: Can this desolation on the Earthly plane be remedied on one of the others?

There is a small but noticeable growth in the number of folks attempting ‘earth healing’ on one of the less tangible planes of existence. I’m right there with them, although I don’t think this effort will be nearly enough, it’s still necessary.

Earth healers, we need you.
Anarchist activists, we need you.
Hackers, we need you.
Tribes and indigenous people who are still connected, we need you.
Those who stand ready to take radical action,violent or peaceful, we really need you.

We need it all.

Pic: found on Alex Pendragon’s site.


7 responses to “We Need It All

  1. Cute graphic hon *swipes copy of it*Here is the deal hon, once you realize that there really isn’t anything you can do about it all you can do is stay out of the way and keep yourself as safe as possible why it all goes to hell. So I go camping as much as I can to be with nature, and of course my brain that I can’t get away from anyway. Remember, you are an omnipresent spirit, you will still be here after all those idiots destroy the place and mother earth purges herself of them. And starts her healing and rebuilding process. See you there hon. Hugs.


  2. COOL! I’ve always wanted to have something I stole ripped off me in return! heheI wonder, if some enterprizing human actually stumbled across faster-than-light space travel, should we celebrate at the thought of getting a fresh start on some distant, virgin planet, or should we sabotage any craft under construction to prevent the further spread of this virus.What virus? Humanity, of course………..


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