Moral High Ground

“Hey Bru – do you know what moral high ground is?” I hear one of the Floor Managers asking one of the Support Agents as I walk into work this morning.

Hey, sure. It looks like this:

and this:

and this:

and most certainly like this:

It also continues to look like this.

Yes, I know what the moral high ground is, and what it looks like, and I also know that I’m not standing on it.

If my countryfolk, who are so good at rioting in the streets with their superior numbers, lack of inhibitions and will to act, would just get it together enough to commit direct action against something other than not-enough-pay, I’d be there like a shot.

But the world is burning, genocide is being perpetrated against all the life on Her, and I’m not rioting in the streets.

Whatthefuck is wrong with me?

And you?


7 responses to “Moral High Ground

  1. Because no-one listens to street shouters anyway.You know that.I have asked myself similar questions, and my answer is that the best and highest thing i can do is keep my family strong. With a little anarchy on the side.But giving up what we have to become rioters for the cause isn’t an answer.I guess it’s the path of some, young firebrands who wish to change the world. But there are other ways too. Changing peoples minds about things is even more powerful, something that talking and sharing eventually leads to.peace


  2. Yes- and there you have it.The mindshift that would be necessary to take this lot down before we destroy it all is staggering.But we an try to do it – start a consciousness change. I think I see it happening anyway.Love,Terri in Joburg


  3. Whatthefuck is wrong with me?Actually, as problems continue to get worse rioting on the streets would just be a good way for you to get hurt or killed. And futile, well, riots do get attention, but it doesn’t mean that you need to be a part of it.Unless of course you are one of the poor that will be doing the rioting. But you are not. And you’re not one of the super rich that is as much as keeping many on this planet poor. As far as I know, you are somewhere in the middle and there is little you can do. Really, there is little you can do one way or the other. In short, it’s the poor’s battle, not yours. And getting involved will just draw attention to you.Just try to help them in what little ways that you can without drawing attention to yourself, you never know who you might tick off.Being in the middle is a tough place to be, not a safe place either, just try to stay out of the way the best you can. Oh, and try to prepare the best you can for your own hard times, and of course accept them, because you will be stuck between this battle between the rich and the poor and it will effect your life.I’ve set myself up to get by and deal with what ever happens and being okay with and dealing with it, even if I have to go live in a forest.Anarchy is good, as Abraxas said, on the side. But you don’t have to be one of the leaders. You couldn’t become one even if you tried, it’s not in your stars, so to speak, so leave it to those who’s job it is. On the other hand, we can’t have complete anarchy, we need to be governed. If the monkey’s on this planet ever figure out how to build a proper government.It damn sure wouldn’t be wise to use the American system as a model. It’s just Rome relocated and reborn. Or as I stated on some other blog, “Politics, fuck’em. Welcome to the new Rome. Enjoy your stay, I’m going camping.”Hang in there hon, not much else you can do. Try to avoid the monkeys as much as you can.


  4. But we an try to do it – start a consciousness change.Becoming a ‘collective consciousness’ with some wisdom in it is somewhat in the future. I hate to tell you this but it won’t come until a lot of ugly stuff, and a great spiritual awakening. Well, if there is anyone left to get on that boat and start over again in wiser ways. I think that there will be a few pockets of humanity around that can hold on and start over. As for many on the planet dying during all the ugly stuff. Well, so be it, this planet needs fewer ‘humans’ in order to heal itself. Spirit can see that large populations of ‘humans’ are not wise because they are so greed based.


  5. Much as I don’t like to admit it, I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re both right, Abraxas and Billy.Not much I can do except get myself killed.Which is not to say there aren’t some causes worth getting killed for.I’m definitely setting up to keep me and mine safe and more independant over the coming years. I’m trying, little by little, to get off the grid as much as possible and cut down ‘needs’ to survival ones.Love,Terri in Joburg


  6. I always wondered when the last riot solved a problem rather than burned things down. A riot is mob rule, and mob rule is not the rule of law.I shudder to think of myself as one tiny dot in a sea of humanity, anonymous, running amok, trampling someone or getting trampled in the insuing mayhem. this is the anthesis of intelligence and civilization.I would rather be a hermit than subject myself to the mob. I keep my rage where it belongs.Now, imagine all those thousand rioters instead clogging up the phone lines in city hall, causing the collapse of the postal system, not reporting to work, shutting down an entire city till the city responds……..theres the lets go get beat up and trash shit approach (yea, like THAT works), and then there’s the SMART approach. Problem with that is that the desperate and self-centered outnumber the smart ones 100 to one. For the first time in my life, an American can’t approach a Russian from “the moral highground”. I lost it along with my America.I miss it.That “shining city on the hill”, that is, not the gutters we tried to hide beneath it……….


  7. Not much I can do except get myself killed.Not much point in that unless it will get worldwide headlines. Past that you would just be another speck of cosmic dust 7 billion others never heard of. I’m willing to die for a cause, but godfuckingdamnit, not unless the whole world knows about it.


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