Neocortex? What Neocortex?

Scientists have been putting forward for years now that consciousness in mammals (specifically humankind, as you can guess, but not excluding a whole four kinds of great apes, the bottlenose dolphin and the Asian elephant) arises in the neocortex, a supposedly more highly evolved structure of the brain.

Now, however, we’ve discovered that the humble Magpie , which has no neocortex, is a self-aware, and therefore conscious, animal.

Err… bird.

I don’t know what’s taken them so long.

The scientists, that is, not my birdy brethren

I do know however that I subscribed to the ‘consciousness resides in the brain and that’s why damage to the brain damages consciousness’ theory for years.

Only a little thought is necessary before you realise that this is not the soul-disproving mantra that it’s taken as by many rationalist.

So far, the evidence we have would fit equally well to the materialist origin of consciousness as to the brain-as-receiver theory, espoused by such unorthodox thinkers as Aldous Huxley. Unorthodox, not loopy.

Unorthodox science of another sort comes from a celebrity geographer Akhil Bakshi, who claims that different ‘races’ of humanity arose from entirely different species of ape.

I’m not too sure what evidence he’s using to support his theory – apparently something concerning the impossibility of humans crossing oceans and deserts thousands of years ago – but he’s probably going to be lauded in the NeoNazi and White Power groups*. Funny how the dominant members of the hierarchy are often the ones looking for reasons to bolster their own positions. Or is it funny? Perhaps they are feeling the chilly winds of destruction of this toxic, anti-life structure we’ve built and name civilization at last.

*=Who, of course, don’t realise that Bakshi is of the same basic ‘race’ as them, that is, Caucasian.

Pic from another of those sites


4 responses to “Neocortex? What Neocortex?

  1. Oh, they’ll get it all figured out in another 500 years, if we are still here. If those fools that read bibles and push their stupid religions would just stop that nonsense it would help a lot. All anyone has to believe is that they are spirit, part of the greater spirit. And that it is just an awareness of this planet. A consciousness. It didn’t create this planet, it is just aware of it is all. And it’s bothered because it is such a mess.


  2. And the more you read of that odd ball stuff, the more your mind becomes like a bowl of mush. It offends spirit, I don’t read or study any of it. Crap, it’s raining and I have 11 big shipping crates to move. I’m not going to do it in the rain though, maybe I’ll make some peanut butter cookies, build a fire out in the outside fireplace and sit under the shelter roof and enjoy some with a glass of milk.


  3. I see them shut down all the time… last, flowery speeches, no “light” shining down from the ceiling, no twinkle going out in their eyes……It’s disturbing to witness no evidence whatsoever of a soul departing the body, but then I never thought of the human soul, if there IS one, being recognizable on any level we inhabit as mortals.Still, if you’ve ever fallen asleep and don’t remember dreaming, or passed out from tying one on, or lost conciousness in some fashion, then you HAVE to enjoy the idea that simply “turning off” is far preferable to continuing on only to find yourself suffering the torments of the Christian damnation for daring to allow your mind to fuction while it was thinking………And why we have to continue to insult the other intelligences on this planet by comparing them to us is beyond me.


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