Thou Art a Quantum Entangled Photon

They’re at it at again.

Physicists in Geneva prove -once more – that a pair of quantum-entangled photons will seem to communicate at a speed so much faster than light that it may as well be instantaneous.

Now, I’ll be one of the first to admit that this experiment doesn’t leap straight to the conclusion we’re all connected. Quantum-entangled photons are specially produced by an entangling device, which effectively takes a created photon and splits it into two. The pair carries off half the energy of the original photon, plus each having complimentary spin states- there are only 2 available to photons, so it makes it easier.

The pair is sent travelling in different directions, and it is observed that when one of them is acted upon in some way, the other instantly reacts as though it were in the same place as its twin. Or as instantly as dammit, anyway.

We’re not all entangled photons, since these are a special subset of matter/energy created for the purpose of demonstrating this spooky action at a distance. But what these experiments do show is that space and time are very much not what the classical Newtonian physicist thought they were.
Quote of the bloody day must go to physicist Terence Rudolph, of Imperial College London:

“We think space and time are important because that’s the kind of monkeys we are.”


As an afterthought, is it possible that the photons behave this way because they are, actually, one photon, not two?

And are the instances of precognition, bodiless distance communication, prophesy and divining due to this very hypothesis?

Readers of this blog will be tiresomely aware that I subscribe to the Thou Art Goddess thealogy – especially on a Thursday -so I see it as non-mind-boggling that we are all One, and that that One is known by various names : God/Goddess, The One, Creator/Creatrix, Atman, and so on. But those are only labels. The reality is you. And me.

The picture?
I’ve started some Shadow work, which so far has resulted in the retrieval of one of my missing power animals-the black Panther.
I’ve retrieved it, is all – I still have to complete the integration!

2 responses to “Thou Art a Quantum Entangled Photon

  1. Great post! Most of this stuff is so far above my head that, if I didn’t have the thealogical understanding, I don’t think I could grock the science at all. But since the science just seems to be confirming what I already know to be true, I can kinda get it.And v interesting picture. I’ve never “seen” it before, but that is precisely and exactly how I have for years envisioned one half of my immune system. Happy shadows!


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