Thou Art Brighid

At the astronomical midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox, I wish you a very blessed Start of Spring.

Light all the candles in the house. Open all the doors and windows.


5 responses to “Thou Art Brighid

  1. Hello Terry,nice blog!I’m a worshipper of Artemis, just starting a blog about paganism and feminism (to see it, just click my name). If you like it, we can share the links.Best Wishes,Murciélago


  2. When the sun is shining I sometimes stand naked out in the yard so it can worship me. I think it’s retarded for people to worship the sun and stars and such. They have that backwards, it was our cosmic energies that made all that is out there. It’s just a big hot cosmic orgy that is still going on out there. And someday it will cool down and what is left of it will slowly just be more of the solidified cosmic cum that everything else there is made from.But thats so far in the future that there is no point in worrying about it right now. My worry is these monkeys destroying this planet.


  3. Something powerful is about to happen.Yes, but maybe not until some really ugly things happen. Well, they will be powerful also. I don’t try to understand it all, I just let what is be what it is. I don’t burn candles very often, they are more polluting than you seem to understand, and making them is also more polluting than you may have of thought about. I can close my eyes and see a candle burning, that is all I need.


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