Oh, Really?

I sometimes wonder where scientists like these find people to pay for their studies.
Perhaps there’s a hierarchy of increasingly self-absorbed and clueless academics involved – you know, something like an ivory-tower pyramid scheme.

Their earth-shattering finding was that mice who “..voluntarily drank moderate amounts of alcohol exhibited depression-like behaviour when the alcohol was withdrawn.”

Good Gods! This’ll turn the scientific world on its head!

I wonder if there’s a Nobel Committee involved at the top of this dof mountain ?

Well – maybe I underestimate them. They do go on to say that “..antidepressants appeared to restore their mood .”

I is amazed.

I really and truly am amazed by the picture at the top of this post, though, and just a tiny bit proud.

The Congress of South African Trades Unions, while at the same time harbouring the likes of Zwelinzima Vavi prominently in their ranks ( a move I feel could be construed as leading the enemy off the scent by displaying obvious idiots front-and-centre), is truly trying to make the voice of the average South African heard, and felt, in the corridors of corporate governance – not an easy task.

But when you can command over 25 000 workers into an orderly march through the central business district of Joburg,not to mention getting them all into the same T-shirts – well, you’re onto something, I’d say.


6 responses to “Oh, Really?

  1. Well, I’ll just have to keep drinking then, it’s my prozac of choice and causes me no problems. I simply do not drink enough that it gets me in trouble.


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