A Dream of Fire

On Friday night/Saturday morning, I dreamt of seeing a house in my suburb catch fire.

The flames licked up the curtains and gutted the kitchen of the home.

I looked out from the ruined kitchen, across to my own driveway, and saw a shiny new Lamborghini parked there.

I dream of cars and other modes of transport quite often – buses, trains, motorcycles as well as four-wheeled vehicles are fairly common components of my dreams.

However, I’m either driving or riding in these contraptions. I don’t see them from the outside, and I never dream of a specific make or model of vehicle. Yet the word Lamborghini was specific in this dream.

I’m glad that I keep a dream diary and write down the buggers when I awake, or by now I would be doubting my own memory. For 24 hours later, on Saturday night/Sunday morning, there was a horrific accident in which 4 people -including members of our local security force – burnt to death in their cars on a road just around the corner from where I live. One of the victims, a 22 year old man, was driving a new Lamborghini.

I’m a bit puzzled as to how the mechanism behind things like this works. It’s not, as Warren notes, as if I could have done anything about it. So what was I picking up?

Information from my slightly older self, in a short-cut across time?
The psychic screams of the victims, also echoing across 24 hours of duration?

I really don’t know.It makes me wonder about those celebrity psychics. Well, I’ve wondered about their gall for some time, but I mean in more general terms -how did they come to believe they had a gift? Did they have one or two unexplainable, hairs-up-on-the-back-of-your-neck experiences, as I, and probably a good percentage of the general population, have had, which they then extrapolated into having been touched by God?

I freely admit I have no idea what’s going on here. I think I’ll know perfectly well, eventually – when it’s no longer important for me to understand.
But for now, I’m turning it over and over in my mind.

Flames, screams, and a bright shiny new Italian car.

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7 responses to “A Dream of Fire

  1. Condolences .. .i know from wifey that when you “see” this kinda thing, it usually includes trauma …I understand it as follows: any emotive event, “ripples” in all directions, including space and time. You being more sensitive, would receive these ripples from the future.We were once driving through an intersection, when wifey “saw” bodies on the road that i was about to drive over. Not even 2 hours later there was an accident on that same intersection. peace


  2. Ya, but there’s still a couple of questions, aren’t there?Like “why”, and “why just some traumatic events and not others?”.I dunno – I’m relatively new to all this – that is, I’ve only come to acknowledge them at all in the last handful of years.Sigh – Love, Terri


  3. I have similar things happen. I’ll have a random thought on Monday morning and, then, on Monday afternoon, something happens and I go, oh, that’s what that was about. But there was no way the information “prepared” me or got me ready to “do” something. I imagine that it’s just that my channels are set to “wide open” and lots of stuff comes through.


  4. That seems to me a good way of puting it – the channels are wide open.That’s what it feels like, anyway.But that horrific crash was one of two which happened on the same weekend -the other was a tad further away, but still in the neighbourhood, on Friday night.Dude in a car ran into a wall and killed himself.On the other hand, this first crash hasn’t generated half the media attention of the second, probably because of the Lamborghini factor.Love,Terri


  5. You have strange dreams. And as far as I’m concerned, anyone in a Lamborghini can just damn well die, it will make the planet a better place without an other self-centered asshole driving one of those around.


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