Beith, Ioho, Duir

Spiritual progress can sometimes be measured by how we respond under stress.

To be frank, all too often I respond like a child, blowing my temper in a most unsavoury display.

But I may be making headway.

Last night, I had a non-personal episode of high stress.

Instead of lashing out and suffering nightmares, I said the Druid Rosary:

Beith, Ioho, Duir

Beith, Ioho, Duir

Beith, Ioho, Duir

It took a little while, and I drifted off.

As I came out of my doze, I was aware of a flowing, melting sweetness running slowly throughout my whole being.

The stress incident was put into its proper perspective – that is, it was no longer an endoftheworldasweknowit event, but just something which had to be, and in due course would be, dealt with sufficiently.

Each thing in its time, at its proper moment.

Beith, Ioho, Duir

Beith, Ioho, Duir

Beith, Ioho, Duir

Life feels good – and I think once again, I have an inkling of knowledge as to why we keep coming back here.


5 responses to “Beith, Ioho, Duir

  1. Yeah, it’s not easy to be cool under (especially emotional) pressure…I find that when I wake up and rush into the day without taking time for meditation, reflection, reading..something!!!…my responses are more visceral. Maybe that’s just me…good post, Terri..sorry to be out of touch.


  2. Hi Donald,Oddly enough, I’ve also been away from other peoples’ blogs for a little while.I just zipped by your today though, and looked at the Johannite site.Looks good. I’ve read quite a bit of the Nag Hammadi texts, btw.I’m conflicted on how to assimilate them, though.But it’s not just you – if I skip my nightly meditationI’m almost guaranteed to have a more difficult day in relating to stress, and people, and..people, and people.Love,Terri in Joburg


  3. This is just what I needed — I have always loved the traditional rosary despite the connotations ,but this hasnew depth and power.Terri I have started another blog as well as the recovery blog Letting Go, looking at my adventures in mystical Wales.Just letting you know … Oh I get so homesick for African markets when I read some of your posts. But Wales is extraordinary and you must plan a trip. Magical and absurd, unlike anywhere I have ever been.LoveMary


  4. Hi Mary,I’d so love to take Warren to see other parts of the world – he’s never been out of South Africa and I know he’d enjoy it.I also need to see more of Wales, maybe some of my ancestral homes.I’m enjoying your take on the people and places so far – daft eggs, some of them, aren’t they?Love,Terri


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