Hi There!

My alpha male.

Well, Warren is really the alpha male in this pack, and I’m the alpha bitch, but that’s my alpha-four-legged-male.

A beautiful Sunday and cold, the sky a blue you have to live in Joburg to know of.

Yesterday I was sitting in the bakkie in the downtown district, looking at just such a sky, contrasted with bare tree branches and the blinding white of a mosque dome.

I realised, as I looked, that the mosque dome was a perfect example of a vesica piscis, the shape formed by the intersection of two circles of equal radius having each circumference passing through the centre of the other.

Like this:

Only the dome of the mosque displayed only the upper half of the form.
There was another, smaller but whole vesica almost on the top of the tower behind it.
I snapped a picture – or thought I did.
On getting home, I found no picture on the camera. Mysterious bloody tuat.

I found myself wondering if the Muslims know the history and spiritual significance of this most Great-Goddess-y of all forms, then thought – of course they do. Some of them, anyway. Some of the learned elders are well aware that this branch of monotheism descended from the universal Mother as did all the others.

There’s Christian iconography -most notably of saints- in which the person is seated in a yoni. Not to mention all those Roman bishops’ hats.

Buddhism obviously has not overlooked the symbology, and in some pictures the Buddha can be seen with his legs arranged in the shape of the entrance/exit way to Time.

I promise to try and get a picture of that mosque next time I’m in central Joburg.
And maybe one or two of the African Shamans who visit the muti shops down that way. Or maybe I’ll visit one myself.

In the meantime, you have Charybdys up there to keep you company.


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