"Vagrants in the Park"

This is a shelter a homeless person put up this year in March. Check the comfy armchair, the remains of a fire, the groceries,and yes, the beer bottle.
In this picture also pay attention to the armed security officer who is taking the shelter down.

In this country, we hire private security firms who patrol our suburbs in marked cars, armed (the people, not the cars, although that may only be a matter of time), wearing bullet-proof vests. They are always on the lookout for vagrants, panhandlers and suspicious looking folk just hanging around. They will speed around to your home like a shot if you call them, or if you accidentally trip your house alarm.

The area this photo was taken in is called Jukskei Park/Johannesburg North. It’s a fairly upmarket neighbourhood, and as such boasts quite large swathes of green parkland, complete with river running through it, where the residents like to walk their dogs on the weekend, or walk themselves for that matter after a long day screwing other people out of their money.

Often the residents, who hire and retain the security firms, make quite loud complaints when their dogs run across a small community of homeless people who have erected their temporary shelters in the park. The squawking sounds an awful lot like shrill cries of the aristocrats forced to look upon the indigent peasants.

They are befouling the river!

Well, millions upon millions of us are befouling the rivers of this planet. Just because our waste gets taken to a treatment plant out of sight doesn’t mean it doesn’t end up in your cornflakes sooner or later.

The hysterical underlay to these complaints is never stated explicitly – they’re going to kill us in our beds and rob us is what I’m hearing.

And hey – maybe ‘they’ are going to do just that.

But the planet doesn’t belong to you alone, semi-conscious morons of the northern suburbs.

Neither, despite what you hear in church on Sundays, was it created for your benefit.
If you don’t want someone to try to kill you for your possessions, try not having them.

If you want them to stop threatening you by their very presence stop threatening them by yours.

This post-menopausal woman has had a guts full of your whiney-assed, snivelling pleas for protection. If you cannot protect yourself adequately and are guilt-ridden into fear of what the homeless classes may do to you someday, try opening your mind and looking, really looking at what you, me and other rich pigs have done to the planet so far.

It’s enough to make you weep.

Just in case you didn’t get the full picture, here’s some of the vagrants just before being told to bugger off and not come back.Check the security guard in the background dragging part of someones home away…

Here is the latest email from our trusty Armed Reaction company to their clients:

Good Morning Ralf,

Thank you for your e-mail, I ensure you that we will not let any forms of structures go up. We demolish any forms of structures we find on an ongoing basis.

Our objective is to keep raiding these areas constantly while they are still small, because as you know once another Jacaranda Estate forms, it becomes very difficult to manage. We are educating these individuals on why they can’t just sleep on these open pieces of veldt and hopefully moving them into one dedicated area out of the suburbs.

RSS Security Services commitment to the public, assuring you of our best at all times.

Best Regards


3 responses to “"Vagrants in the Park"

  1. Just so you know…not all of us who live in Jukskei Park agree with the intollerance shown to homeless people, or anyone else infact. I certainly dont think these homeless people contribute to the disgusting state of the river anymore than the people who regularly use it as a dumping gound for rubble, household refuse and such.Unfortunately, it is used as an escape route(or place to hide) by criminals attacking especially the houses along this river….but I would like to know how the authorities are so easily able to say the “homeless” are to blame when it is accessable by anyone. Personally, the most I have ever been asked for is a loaf of bread, or some milk…and its no skin off my back to instruct the cashier to add on the purchases of a homeless person onto my bill. I know there are others like me here, come to think of it…they are all Pagan.


  2. Hi Shell,Yes I know we don’t all set up the howls.The propertied classes versus the rest of humanuty has always been a big problem – well, at least for the last 6000 odd years!And no, I would never suspect you of sounding like Mrs. Lily-White (or her neighbour, Mr. Black Diamond). Most Pagans don’t, as you point out.Love,Terri


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