Golden Chalice, Silver Chalice

The sun has entered Taurus and yesterday we experienced the first of two Scorpio full moons slated for this year.

I lit every candle on each of my three indoor altars as the sun set and the moon rose last night, and sat in meditation before the East altar for some time, feeling my third eye opening, before blessing each of the others with fire and air and refreshing the seals on the house’s entrances.

The day before this, Warren and I had found a bakkie which seemed to suit us. The Uno has to go, if only to relieve us of these feelings of anxiety whenever we drive her – will she drop a cv joint this time, or will the engine mounting spring suddenly to the right again, leaving us broken down and stranded on some insanely dangerous Joburg highway once more?

The light I saw in Warren’s eyes when we first noticed the diesel bakkie I took to be instant love. Fortunately, there were two black-and-white feathers on the ground behind the vehicle, sealing my tentative first approval. The dogs will all fit into the back so we can take them on long outings without having to deal with snarling, snapping and fighting while we’re trying to negotiate the traffic.

Then, on the way home, we were stopped for a traffic light on the offramp of the N1 highway to Malibongwe Drive and I was drawing to Warren’s attention that a green Renault Clio was ensconced just behind my left elbow – a most peculiar place for a car, as we were already in the left-turning lane. As the words left my mouth, there was a godsawful screech of tyres and a loud crunch, and a car was driven into the railings in front of us by a speeding 4×4.

A little shaken, we proceeded down Malibongwe (“Praise the Women”!!) Drive, with the green Clio slightly ahead of us and in the other lane. Another squeal of brakes announced the fact that a car had nearly rear-ended the slow-moving green machine and had avoided it by driving into the kerb.

Two traffic lights further on we were rounding a sharp bend on a two-lane dual carriageway when we were confronted by a car headed towards us in our lane. A car driven by a little old lady, navigated by another little old lady, and heading into potential disaster by dint of being on the wrong side of the road, coming around a sharp bend on a Saturday morning.

I simply covered my mouth.

The little old navigator was waving her hands before her face as if to ward us off.

Luckily for all, we were doing about 60 km/hr each, and little old driver was able to turn around in the road before her car was driven into the railings or the kerb.

The green Clio? Coming up behind us in the left hand lane.

I saw that automobile take the route to the lion park as we turned for home. My prayers went out to the leonine population of Joburg.

Last night I dreamt that I kept company with a male priest of some male God or other. He was celebrating Mass by passing a golden chalice full of wine into the congregation. As the golden chalice reached me, I transmuted it into a beautiful silver one, which I held aloft for the blessing of the Goddess.

Winter has come early to Gauteng. An expected max. of 14 degrees Celsius today is to be followed by night time temperatures of around zero.

Looks like another Samhain will be held indoors.

7 responses to “Golden Chalice, Silver Chalice

  1. Fascinating alchemy in that dream!How dogs do decide a life, don’t they? Along with feathers and the light in a partner’s eyes. I plant by the moon and with deep regard for my dog’s digging habits.Canny old Scorpio moon up there over the Highveld.


  2. I love the way you work “magic” into your daily life. I’m trying to do the same, but in a much humbler way :)I see you added my blog, thank you, i hope you find bits that interest you.Peace


  3. “I lit every candle on each of my three indoor altars as the sun set and the moon rose last night,”They light a lot of candles at the local UU Fellowship. I must admit that bothers me. There is pollution in making them and again in burning them.I contend that only one candle can represent everything. I have a battery operated one that operates 50 hours and rechargeable batteries can be used. But I haven’t even used it for some time. Anyway, spring is slow in coming this year, it’s raining right now but that is good as water is life. And it’s 43 degrees now so will be warmer when daylight comes. Even though it’s raining I expect areas of sun. I don’t pay much attention to most of my dreams, it’s just my brain free to play with itself without me controlling it. People shouldn’t feel the need to analyze all of their dreams.Most of mine are about sex anyway. LOL


  4. Wow I though the Autobaun was dangerous. Car accidents are terrifying. I didn’t realize it got cold at all in South Africa. Isn’t that strange? I guess I think Africa and immediately assume it’s just hot there all the time. I learned something new today.Your dream is amazing. Maybe you’ve found your own personal Holy Grail? I seem to be dreaming a lot of making art these days. I guess that’s because I haven’t been making much in the waking hours. Blessings, Lee


  5. Your dream is amazing. Maybe you’ve found your own personal Holy Grail?*rolls eyes*, I swear, you ladies play with your brains too much. Hugs.


  6. Hi … a chalice is a chalice, the grail, the bowl, symbol of the womb, the goddess, no matter how men or religion or whatever you want to call it, distort or recolor the image. Mother has many forms so that we can identify with one of them in our way.D~


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