We may all be unfolded images of aspects that exist in a higher reality.

Brad Steiger

That’s a tesseract at the top of the post – a four-dimensional cube, or hypercube, shown in its unfolded state.

As a cube can be shown in its two-dimensional state as a cruciform shape when its unfolded, this is the 3-D appearance of the tesseract I seem able to best get a handle on.

To fold a 2-D cross shape back up into a cube, fold along the lines where one face meets another, and tuck the outer (top and bottom) lines into each other.

To fold a 3-D unfolded tesseract back up to its 4-D form, simply fold along each face where one cube meets another, and tuck the top and bottom faces into each other.

I find it fascinating to relate the well known Tree of Life diagram to the tesseract.

Treating each sephira as a ‘Face’, fold along the Gevurah-Chesod axis, then tuck the top and bottom faces into each other.

For the purpose of this illustration, consider Yesod and Tiphareth as ‘interior’ faces which fold into each other.

The first thing which struck me was that Malkuth(where I am now-merrily shaking the Tree) folds directly into Kether (Kingdom, or Godhead) without the interference of any other spheres.

You don’t have to travel those 22 pathways. Kether and Malkuth are inextricably entwined in each other.

Thou Art God/dess.


6 responses to “Unfolded

  1. We may all be unfolded images of aspects that exist in a higher reality.We are evolving spiritual energies of consciousness.45 degrees this morning and it looks like it will be a nice day with some sun. I hope, it’s just coming daylight and getting cloudy out there.I made a really good basic casserole yesterday, it will last for two more days. Have a great day hon, hugs.


  2. Very nice post as usual. I confess I don’t fully understand the tesseract as I could never think in 3D. Have you ever read any Madeleine L’Engle? She includes tesseracts in her time travels stories.


  3. Livia…. Terri thinks about a lot of stuff that doesn’t matter because she studies too much stupid monkey crap. Still, she is on track on some things, she just needs to stop reading so much and start thinking for herself instead of letting these monkeys as much as brainwash her.


  4. Hi Livia,As a matter of fact, A Wrinkle in Time is one of my favourite works, ever!But I get the tesseract notion from having studied maths and physics.Billy, you’re also full of crap, as usual.But you have a good mind,and still more worthy of hugs than most of the other monkeys.Love,Terri in Joburg


  5. Hon, if I’m full of crap what does that make you full of?Go read another book and you will be full of even more crap, monkey crap. Hugs back though because I know that you mean well.


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