Mabon 2008

Behold the Mystery. In silence is the seed of wisdom gained

I’m a slow learner – I think I’ve demonstrated this over and over again.

Last night, after sunset on the one hand and a rising almost-full moon on the other, I held aloft a single ear of wheat.

Time is cyclical, although the cycles vary greatly.

And so it is with life. The moonlit ear of wheat held above the candles spoke of seed and flesh and the necessity of death.

Very slowly, I begin to internalise an understanding.

Here, minus its candle, is my South Quarter holder:

..and here is the North one:

(Yes, that’s honeysuckle.)

The full moon in Libra rises over Fourways:


4 responses to “Mabon 2008

  1. Hello Billy,By the 2001 census, almost 80% of my compatriots call themselved Christian. Some of these (and a fairly large percentage I believe) combine Christianity with African Traditional religions, forming a unique syncretism.We also recorded over 15% “no religion” in that same census- so there is hope for us.But yes, we do celebrate Easter here- Easter Friday and Monday are public holidays, and the two days of the year, apart from Christmas and New Yaer’s Day, when the retail industry almost closes down.(Although they’re catching on to that one, and many shops have started staying open so as to milk more of us).It’s funny, having Easter, with its symbols of rebirth, celebrated at the Autumn Equinox.But so many of us are totally disconnected from the rythms and tides of the natural world that they see nothing odd about it.Love,Terri


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