Aquarian Dreamtime

Thursday night – sun Aquarius, moon Virgo – I dreamt I was stepping out of a car with a small band of people.

The first person to greet us was a tall man dressed in a black Indian embroidered tunic and trousers. He was our guide.

A priest in white cassock and black surplice attached himself to our party as we ambled towards a large church, whose stones had evidently become old as masonry.

It was not quite night, but dark was falling, as in twilight.

On my left, holding my arm, was a woman dressed in a beige skirt suit. Her face was not one I remember seeing in this lifetime, yet I knew who she was -my mother.

It was just one of those dreams which convince you that life -whether waking, dreaming or in deepest sleep – can be the sweetest thing.

Pic: Wokingham,England; St Paul’s Church, where I used to ring bells.


2 responses to “Aquarian Dreamtime

  1. I feel that I’ve only had a few important dreams in my lifetime. Most dreams are just your brain being free to amuse itself. I can give my brain the freedom to amuse itself when I’m awake. Just before waking this morning my brain was amusing itself with some silly little thing. That’s okay, we need silly little things to get our minds off the big worrisome things. The comment you left on my blog was interesting, I see the point you are making, being as you are the all, we are the all.But I hardly think that you are responsible for the mess the planet is in any more than I am.Because we simply have no control over a lot of things being as we are not omnipotent. Just omnipresent is all.Our biggest problem is that we can’t control the monkeys that demand freewill and democracy.


  2. You know, you are trying to believe in things other than yourself. That is, yourself that is your body and mind. It’s why I don’t read horoscopes and follow astrology. That stuff is written by an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of computers that think they know how my life will be today and tomorrow. Ha !! My life will be however it turns out at the end of the day. Tomorrow is unknown, I’ll face it tomorrow.If I can’t predict my life I’m damn sure not going to let a lot of monkeys playing with their brains predict it.


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